In Malaysia, Car Thieves are Using Hacking Devices to Break into 'Keyless' Cars

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(Photo credit: Hackers Arise ) Car thief syndicates in Malaysia are now employing high-tech means to steal keyless vehicles. Singaporeans who drive keyless...Continue reading

Four New Government Initiatives to Reduce Pollution from Cars

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URA has announced that the Car-Free Sunday campaign will continue to run in 2018. In their statement, URA stated that this decision is due to the community and ground...Continue reading

5 Types of Speed Cameras in Singapore You Should Look Out For

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Speed demons in Singapore, beware! While it may be thrilling to fearlessly cruise down the expressway at 100-120km/h, you should know that there are "speed...Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Every Driver Would Love The App

Shah Car News is the end-product of a collaboration between Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Housing Development Board (HDB) and Government Technology Agency of...Continue reading

Three Possible Reasons for the Latest $6,900 COE Drop!

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Remember when the automotive industry was shook by the steep $6000 COE plunge on 7 December 2016 ? Déjà vu! The latest COE results released yesterday has...Continue reading

5 amazing concept cars that will blow your mind

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This is what you missed at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas over the weekend - out of this world concept cars! We love taking a peek into the future now and...Continue reading

2017 Car Catalogue

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Enrolling in this year's class are the industry's best, state of the art rides. Sporting the most innovative designs and intuitive technology. Ride into 2017 in style with...Continue reading

What drivers can look forward to in 2017

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Besides the drop in COE this year, Singaporean drivers have plenty of things to look forward to in the coming year. Some practical, others a little over the top - but what's...Continue reading

Exchange your parking coupons

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The new parking coupons are now 60¢ and $1.20 instead of 50¢ and $1.00. Motorists can currently purchase these new parking coupons or exchange old parking...Continue reading's first ever members meet & greet!

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Held at OCBC Aquatic Centre on 2 December 2016, greeted over 70 car enthusiasts from the community. We had a rollin' good time talking about cars,...Continue reading

$6000 COE plunge - what does it mean for you?

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The big four digit drop in COE released on 7 December 2016 was a shocker to many car owners and buyers. With premiums for Cat A falling from $50,951 to $48,000 ,...Continue reading

5 gifts under $100 for car lovers this holiday season

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We all know what merry holiday is coming around, Christmas! So in the spirit of giving, we've gathered gift ideas for the motorhead in your life. Don't worry, these are...Continue reading

5 cool car gadgets you didn't know you needed till today

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These upcoming projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo can change the way you drive and ride. From wireless chargers to transparent GPS windscreen projectors. Fund these...Continue reading

6 futuristic car mods

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The year 2020 is just 4 years away. Many novels and old media clippings have predicted that in 2020, we'll have flying cars and floating homes. The hit show "Back to the...Continue reading

COE premium dips in July 2016

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What goes up must come down! Last month we saw the highest COE premiums of 2016, partly due to MAS easing car loan rules and companies like Uber stockpiling on COEs like...Continue reading

Fined in Singapore for car idling: What you need to know

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So you need to take away a quick meal, and you leave your car idling for five minutes with your kid in it as a human coupon. You come back with the fish noodles...Continue reading

ERP 2.0: What it can do and how it affects you

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Say goodbye to ERP 1.0, those darned, ominous, and looming structures we have all come to know and dread, and say hello to ERP 2.0! Yeap. Come 2020, the ERP gantry system...Continue reading

Increase of public car park prices in Singapore

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As most should know by now, the recent debate on parking charges have been raging on- some agree, some detest it. Despite public backlash on the new revisions,...Continue reading