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Car Loan

Car Loans

We help buyers apply for car loans and settle any outstanding loans for sellers.

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

We help buyers apply for motor insurance and refund the balance for sellers.



We facilitate the payment process to ensure a smooth and transparent transaction.

Ownership Transfer

Ownership Transfer

We oversee the entire LTA vehicle transfer process to prevent any hiccups.

Car Loan & Paperwork

Found your dream car? Please sit back and let us help you!

Motorist will handle all the necessary paperwork for both buyer and seller. Just send us the completed Sales & Purchase Agreement, and we’ll settle the rest. We help both parties with loans, insurance, payments and LTA ownership transfer.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

Singapore’s Most Trusted Platform

Our 4.9/5 stars on both Facebook and Google Review can't be wrong. We also transact the most number of cars in Singapore, handling an average of 500 cases each month.

Safe and Secure

We remain neutral to assist both parties to reach a mutually satisfactory transaction. Any disputes or disagreements will be mediated to ensure fairness and transparency.

Seamless and Convenient

We will oversee the entire vehicle ownership transfer process from start to finish. From bank loans to paperwork settlement, we ensure a seamless transfer for both buyer and seller.

Flexible and Competitive Options

We offer flexible and competitive loan options (bank and in-house) for your car purchase. We can even help you find a cheaper insurance policy from multiple insurers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both parties should arrange a viewing to inspect and test drive the vehicle. If the buyer is satisfied, they will place a deposit, and both parties will sign a sales & purchase agreement. We can take over the remaining paperwork once we have received the signed sales & purchase agreement. You may download a copy of the sales & purchase agreement here.

Most vehicle transactions can be completed if you have a good knowledge of how car ownerships works in Singapore. LTA has made the transaction process reasonably simple. However, it gets slightly more complicated when bank loans are involved. For example, when there is an outstanding bank loan that requires a full settlement, or when the buyer needs a new bank loan. To ensure a smooth handover, you may seek professional help to facilitate the process.

We assist both sellers and buyers by ensuring all the necessary paperwork is completed for a smooth and hassle-free handover. Our services include:

  • Ensure all payment matters from buyer and seller are settled
  • Ensure necessary documents are in order before submission
  • Full settlement of seller’s outstanding loan
  • Sourcing bank loan and motor insurance for buyer
  • Cancellation and refund of motor insurance for seller
  • Vehicle ownership transfer
  • Facilitate the vehicle evaluation process before handover
  • Retention of licence plate number

We at Motorist believe in being transparent about all our processes. All fees will be agreed upon before we proceed with any case.

We can offer you loans from all major banks in Singapore, including in-house loans, depending on your requirements. Please speak to us for an obligation-free consultation. It typically takes between three to five working days for your bank loan to be approved.

Yes, you can. However, you might incur additional admin fees. Please speak to us if you wish to use our service, but prefer to source for your own bank loan or insurance.

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I am glad that I found Motorist, Staff Fai, she is experience and effective. Transfer of car ownership was done smoothly. Great thanks to Fai.

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Sharon Neo

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A $5,500 loan was approved for a 2008 HONDA FIT 1.3G A

4 days ago

A $67,000 loan was approved for a 2010 VOLKSWAGEN SCIROCCO 1.4L AT TSI 1372Q5

4 days ago

A $46,482 loan was approved for a 2012 MINI COOPER 1.6 AT ABS D/AIRBAG 2WD 3DR

about 1 month ago