Why you get stopped at road blocks

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Road blocks are conducted to deter and detect crimes - this includes illegal modifications as well as theft and petty crimes. So don't be offended...Continue reading

5 things that would drive neat-freak car owners insane!

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Maintaining a car can be mentally and physically exhausting for a neat freak. Especially with all these car gadgets and mandatory car decals to...Continue reading

5 bad habits that can shorten the lifespan of your car

Ling Car Advice

The long lifespan of cars is not necessarily due to certain brands, but rather, the driving habits of car owners. There are several minute things...Continue reading

Beginners guide to driving

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Listen up and get in line newbies, here's a couple of things to think about before you head off to the great unknown with your car. Yes, you've...Continue reading

Exchange your parking coupons

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The new parking coupons are now 60¢ and $1.20 instead of 50¢ and $1.00. Motorists can currently purchase these new parking coupons or exchange old...Continue reading

Motorist.sg's first ever members meet & greet!

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Held at OCBC Aquatic Centre on 2 December 2016, Motorist.sg greeted over 70 car enthusiasts from the community. We had a rollin' good time talking...Continue reading

4 little-known benefits of selling your car by consignment

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So, now you've decided to sell your car to a direct buyer to potentially fetch a higher price for your car, and yet, you don't wish to deal with...Continue reading

5 things you need to know before selling your car to a direct buyer

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When it comes to selling your car, there are usually two options - Selling to a dealer or to a direct buyer. Do you think your car has a better...Continue reading

$6000 COE plunge - what does it mean for you?

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The big four digit drop in COE released on 7 December 2016 was a shocker to many car owners and buyers. With premiums for Cat A falling from...Continue reading

9 essential things you should have in your car

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You already know that you should keep a flashlight, spare tyre and reflective triangle in your car. But that's not enough to keep yourself prepared...Continue reading

4 things drivers with pets know all too well

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We take our four-legged fur babies for a ride sometimes, to the groomers, playdates or on a leisurely drive. They're as equally exhausting as an...Continue reading

5 gifts under $100 for car lovers this holiday season

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We all know what merry holiday is coming around, Christmas! So in the spirit of giving, we've gathered gift ideas for the motorhead in your life....Continue reading

5 vintage cars still for sale

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Classic cars of the past has propelled the way we ride and drive today, for some, these cars are a memorabilia - an iconic trophy that reminds us...Continue reading

Legal car mods you need to know

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At Motorist.sg's first ever meet and greet session, we saw amazing decked out cars with stunning headlights and beautiful paint jobs. While some...Continue reading

5 simple car hacks for mommies to make travelling with kids easier!

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Being able to ferry your kids around in the comfort of your own car can either be a fond memory of motherhood, or a total nightmare. We all know...Continue reading

5 cool car gadgets you didn't know you needed till today

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These upcoming projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo can change the way you drive and ride. From wireless chargers to transparent GPS windscreen...Continue reading

6 futuristic car mods

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The year 2020 is just 4 years away. Many novels and old media clippings have predicted that in 2020, we'll have flying cars and floating homes. The...Continue reading

Why do people tailgate?

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We've all experienced this before - you're enjoying a leisurely drive home and going at the speed limit, when out of no where, a speed demon is hot...Continue reading

The most scenic routes in Singapore

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Wind down the window, feel the breeze through your hair and take in the scenery. We don't have to look far for breathtaking views. Take a drive...Continue reading

5 apps for drivers

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We can all account the number of hours we spend on our phones and in our cars. So what better way to maximise usage by putting two and two in hand....Continue reading