Fined in Singapore for car idling: What you need to know

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So you need to take away a quick meal, and you leave your car idling for five minutes with your kid in it as a human coupon. You come back with the fish noodles...Continue reading

6 things drivers dread seeing on the road

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Zebra Crossing Waiting at a zebra crossing during peak hour is like watching paint dry. Masses of people sashaying across the road, totally engulfed into whatever...Continue reading

8 types of Singaporean drivers we don't know whether to laugh or cry at

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The Brake-Happy Driver Hiccups go like this. Hiccup once, and continue thinking life is normal for about 4 seconds until the next abrupt hiccup. Hold your...Continue reading

ERP 2.0: What it can do and how it affects you

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Say goodbye to ERP 1.0, those darned, ominous, and looming structures we have all come to know and dread, and say hello to ERP 2.0! Yeap. Come 2020, the ERP gantry system...Continue reading

New car or used car: Which is right for you?

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At some point, every motorist will face the age-old dilemma should I get a new or used car? If made into a movie, deciding between the siren call of a brand...Continue reading

What you need to know about HDB's mobile enforcement vehicle

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The future is here, and now Robocops patrol the streets to catch those that ravage, thieve and err. Okay not really, they just patrol in car parks and summon...Continue reading

Common car mods that LTA will chase you for

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If you want a good aftermarket exhaust system and a nice purr, you'll need certification from the product manufacturer that states that it's suitable fir your car's make and...Continue reading

6 points to note on roadside parking to avoid tickets

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Parking in Singapore isn't as simple as parking in the right lots, placing the right coupons, locking your door and walking off with your heart at ease. Under...Continue reading

Increase of public car park prices in Singapore

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As most should know by now, the recent debate on parking charges have been raging on- some agree, some detest it. Despite public backlash on the new revisions,...Continue reading

Parking coupon tips that you might not know

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Parking can be a real pain in Singapore. It's complicated, it's tiresome, and worst of all, it's just parking! Picking on those coupon tabs one by one or...Continue reading

15 things you should never say or do when hitching a ride

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1. Hitching a Ride in the Opposite Direction This one might just be the bane of every kind-hearted soul that offers a lift, long or short. Imagine having to...Continue reading

Bus lane laws: The rules and what to do if you get fined

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Stop-and-go traffic, jams and tricky road turns make bus lanes all the more tempting when it comes to getting past those kiasu drivers and...Continue reading

New drivers to-know, basics of Singapore car insurance Car Advice

If this is your first time purchasing a motor insurance and you are under the age of 25, the premium is not going to be cheap! But no worries, there are plenty of insurance...Continue reading

4 facts of lemon law on used car purchases Car Advice

Lemon law was implemented on 1st September 2012 to protect the consumers against defective goods. The 4 facts of lemon law that we feel that you should know on your used car...Continue reading

5 steps when selling your car to a used car dealership Car Advice

Used car dealership remains the top choice for sellers because of reasons shared in the previous post. We will share the process and steps in details when selling...Continue reading

4 ways to sell your car – Traditional vs unconventional, you decide Car Advice

Intending to sell you car due to the rising cost in Singapore, be it the ERP, carpark rates, COE and many more? Scratching your head on how to do it other than the traditional...Continue reading

6 things to take note of before you scrap your car Car Advice

Is your Car's COE term coming to an end? Thinking of scrapping or exporting your car instead of bidding for a new COE? 6 things that you should note before you...Continue reading