5 smart hacks to keep your car perfectly clean and organised

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5 things you're doing wrong when washing your car

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Car myths debunked

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7 cheap and easy DIY car hacks that can help you save up to $750!

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5 awesome car gears

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6 steps you should immediately take when you get into an accident

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A simple hack to sell your car at the highest price!

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6 ways to make money with your vehicle in Singapore

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Project Graham: How we would evolve to look like to survive car crashes

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Where to park your car free in Singapore

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Essential gadgets Singaporean drivers need for a good ride

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How to save fuel in Singapore

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There's a reason why oil is dubbed as black gold. By the end of your car's 10-year term, you would've burned through about $26,400 worth of fuel- enough to fund a...Continue reading

COE premium dips in July 2016

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What goes up must come down! Last month we saw the highest COE premiums of 2016, partly due to MAS easing car loan rules and companies like Uber stockpiling on COEs like...Continue reading

5 things that can get you heavily fined

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MAS eases car loans: The good and the bad

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Why all car owners in Singapore should register an account at Motorist.sg

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Are women bad drivers?

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​How to renew your COE?

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Should i sell my car myself?

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​7 tips to increase your car's value

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