Dyson Chooses Singapore to Manufacture Its First Electric Cars

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Dyson, a British manufacturer of electronics like vacuum cleaners, will build a factory here in Singapore. The factory will produce the company’s first-ever Electric Vehicle. Continue reading

NTUC Income’s New ‘Droplet’ Plan Insures Grab Customers from Surge Prices When it Rains

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NTUC Income launches ‘Droplet’, an insurance plan that protects Grab customers from expensive trips when prices are surging due to rain. Continue reading

BMW Recalls Over a Million Vehicles Due to Fire Risk

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BMW has announced a recall of over a million of its vehicles after discovering an exhaust system fire risk. This is on top of the almost half a million cars it also recalled back in August this year. Continue reading

Ex-Uber Manager Secures Funding to Bring E-Scooter Sharing Service to Singapore

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Ex-Uber manager Alan Jiang has secured $6.4 million in funding to bring his e-scooter sharing company, Beam, to Singapore. Continue reading

Uber to Appeal Fine over Merger, While Grab Looks to Pay $6.58 million

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Uber is appealing the fine imposed by Singapore’s competition watchdog for merging with Grab. On the otherhand, Grab will pay their part of the fine, saying they didn’t want the matter to ‘drag on’.​ Continue reading

Replacement Works Underway for Singapore’s Only Right-Hand Expressway Exit

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Authorities are currently building an underpass to replace Singapore’s only right-hand expressway exit, found along the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) towards Tuas. Continue reading

Electric Air Taxis Are About to Be Tested Here in Singapore

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​Volocopter, a German start-up pioneering in urban air mobility, will be testing its flying taxis in Singapore for the first time in 2019. Continue reading

Explore Johor Bahru Like A Local: 5 Fun Things To Do On Your Day Trip

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Planning a day trip across the Causeway for the entire family? Explore Johor Bahru like a true local with these 5 fun activities. Continue reading

Inconsiderate Drivers of the Week: Episode 13

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We’re back with another episode of Inconsiderate Drivers of the Week. In this week’s compilation, we feature a phone addict, a driver intimidating a motorcyclist with a pillion rider, and reckless overtakers. Continue reading

Aston Martin and Jaguar are Remaking Their Classic Cars

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Carmakers and manufacturers like Aston Martin and Jaguar are seeing the value to remaking, rebuilding and restoring their classic cars. In this article, we feature several examples. Continue reading

COE Quota to Increase for November 2018 to January 2019

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The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) quota for November to January 2019 will be increased to 30,143—an average of 10,046 a month. Continue reading

Crooked Bridge to be Built Between Singapore and Johor Soon?

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The crooked bridge idea at the Causeway first brought up by Dr Mahathir during his first tenure as Prime Minister may now return. Continue reading

October 2018 COE Results 2nd Bidding: Cat A Falls to $25,556, Cat B Rises by Only $1

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The 2nd COE bidding for October 2018 has concluded with Cat A falling to $25,556. Cat B prices only rose by $1, and Cat E saw an increase of $348, to $32,900.​ Continue reading

Grab Looks to Improve Passenger Safety with a New Alert System for Drivers

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Grab recently rolled out a slew of tech advances, including a new alert system that will monitor a driver’s fatigue levels. This new system is aimed at improving passenger safety. Continue reading

The Guide to the Different Passenger Car Style For Leasing in Singapore

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According to the annual vehicle statistic by the Land Transport Authority, there is a total of 961,842 motor vehicles on the road of Singapore. Continue reading

5 Family-Friendly Cars to Buy in Singapore

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If you’re the head of the family, you’ll need to make decisions that are in the best interest of your household, and that includes buying a suitable family car. In our latest guide, we look at 5 family-friendly cars to buy in Singapore. Continue reading

Singapore Petrol Price Comparison: October 2018

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Check out the latest petrol price comparison in Singapore for October 2018. The prices provided here reflect the latest prices across the different petrol companies in Singapore. Continue reading

​Inconsiderate Drivers of the Week: Episode 12

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We’re back with another episode of Inconsiderate Drivers of the Week. In this week’s compilation, we feature a lot stealer, a road block runner, and of course, reckless drivers. Continue reading

5 Tips for New and Soon-To-Be Private-Hire Drivers

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Are you planning to be a private-hire driver? If you are, here are 5 tips to help you stay ahead in the game. These tips come recommended by experienced drivers who are currently in the industry. Continue reading

​mReview: TireCare is a Permanent, Quick Fix Solution to Punctured Tyres

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Change a punctured tyre? Ain’t nobody got time for that! With TireCare, you can plug those pesky puncture holes and be back on the road in under 10 minutes. No spare tyres needed. Continue reading