$6,000 COE Plunge: What Does It Mean for You?

Zahara Car News

The big four digit drop in COE premiums on 7 December 2016 was a shocker to many car owners and buyers. Will this downward trend continue in 2017? Let's find out. Continue reading

9 Essential Things You Should Have in Your Car

Ling Car Advice

Are you prepared for a roadside emergency? Here are 9 essential items that you should always have in your car. Items include duct tape, jumper cables, and a basic toolkit.​ Continue reading

4 Things Drivers with Pets Know All Too Well

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We take our four-legged fur babies for a ride sometimes, to the groomers, playdates or on a leisurely drive. They're as equally exhausting as an actual baby, but we love them to bits. Here are 4 things car owners with pets know all too well. Continue reading

5 Gifts Under $100 for Car Lovers This Holiday Season

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We all know what merry holiday is coming around, Christmas! So in the spirit of giving, we've gathered gift ideas for the motorhead in your life. Don't worry, these are affordable - but they don't need to know that. Continue reading

5 Vintage Cars Still for Sale

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Classic cars of the past has propelled the way we ride and drive today, for some, these cars are a memorabilia - an iconic trophy that reminds us of much simpler times. Continue reading

Legal Car Mods You Need to Know

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At Motorist.sg's first ever meet and greet session, we saw amazing decked out cars with stunning headlights and beautiful paint jobs. While some people take their passion to a new level, we will show you how you can legally mod your cars to turn heads while you're driving. Continue reading

5 Simple Car Hacks for Mommies to Make Travelling with Kids Easier!

Ze Xuan Car Advice

Being able to ferry your kids around in the comfort of your own car can either be a fond memory of motherhood, or a total nightmare. We all know how tedious it is to be travelling with kids, from having to constantly nag at them for unbuckling their seat belts, to the recurring laments of "Are we there yet?" from the backseat. Continue reading

5 Cool Car Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed till Today

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These upcoming projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo can change the way you drive and ride. From wireless chargers to transparent GPS windscreen projectors. Continue reading

6 Futuristic Car Mods

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The year 2020 is just 4 years away. Many novels and old media clippings have predicted that in 2020, we'll have flying cars and floating homes. The hit show "Back to the Future" even predicted hover boards and we've already made that a reality. Continue reading

Why do People Tailgate?

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Owning a BMW X6 or a Mercedes Benz GLC 300 does not justify tailgating and speeding as the rules of the road still apply. Find out why people tailgate and the different ways we can deal with them. Continue reading

The Most Scenic Routes in Singapore

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Wind down the window, feel the breeze through your hair and take in the scenery. We don't have to look far for breathtaking views. Take a drive down these roads and sit back, relax - the traffic won't touch you here. Continue reading

5 Car Apps for Singaporean Drivers

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Driving in Singapore can be rather stressful, but with these five useful car apps, they'll definitely make your commute a lot more bearable. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road—not your smartphone—while driving. Continue reading

Rewarding Your Drive

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What can you do to reward yourself, even with the hefty price tag of owning a vehicle? Turn your miles into prizes! Continue reading

5 Smart Hacks to Keep Your Car Perfectly Clean and Organised

Ling Car Advice

Have you ever thought twice about giving someone a lift? Or have you ever apologised to your passengers for the perpetual mess in your car? Continue reading

5 Things You're Doing Wrong When Washing Your Car

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Do you use a sponge to wash your car? Do you leave it out in the sun to dry? If you are, you might be washing your car wrongly. In this article, we highlight five things you're doing wrong when washing your car. Continue reading

4 Car Myths Debunked

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With the advancement of technology and car makes, some car myths stay the same. Never mind self-driving cars or electric cars, no matter how far we've come, we still hear these few old sayings. Here are four car myths debunked! Continue reading

7 DIY Car Hacks that Can Help You Save Up to $750

Ling Car Advice

Here are some 7 cheap and easy car hacks that you can use to save yourself some money and make your driving experience more enjoyable. Continue reading

5 Awesome Car Gears

Carl Car Advice

2017 marks the start of Singapore's own electric car-sharing scheme, and it's something to be pretty excited about. It's cheaper, more convenient... Continue reading

6 Steps You Should Immediately Take When You Get into an Accident

Carl Car Advice

Car accidents are terrible. There's no winning- if you're hurt, then you're hurt. Even if you made your way out of it unscathed, forking out money hurts just as much. If you ever do get involved in an accident, here's what you should do right after! Continue reading

A Simple Hack to Sell Your Car at the Highest Price

Carl Car Advice

Want to sell your car the best possible price? Here's a simple hack to help you get your desired asking price for your vehicle. Continue reading