Circuit Breaker Extended: FAQs and Updates for Vehicle Owners

Published by on . Updated on 5 Jun 2020

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[UPDATE] 5 June 2020, 5.45pm

The Land Transport Authority has announced that Authorised Inspection Centres (AICs) will resume vehicle inspection services for private cars from 8 June 2020. More details here.

In view of the extended Circuit Breaker measures to 1 June 2020, LTA has extended several of its previous adjustment that would affect vehicle owners in Singapore.

These adjustments follow the recently announced extended elevated safe distancing measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore.

If you happened to be lost and confused over the situation, we have put together a handy Q&A just for you below:

Buying a Car

How can I buy a car during this extended Circuit Breaker Period?

You can arrange for a private transfer directly with the seller and do up all the paperwork online, but the handover of the vehicle must be held off until after the Circuit Breaker measures are lifted.

Alternatively, you could get a Consignment Agent. A Consignment Agent will assist you with the entire transaction process for an admin fee of about $500 to 1% of the sales. The paperwork can be done online and signatures can be obtained through a courier service.

Can I buy a car from a used car dealer/authorised dealer?

The sale of used cars is not an essential service hence most second-hand dealers are closed. Similarly, Authorised dealers and Parallel Importers have also stopped their business operations.

However, if these dealers have online stores, you may still be able to purchase cars from them. But the handover of the vehicle can only be done after 1 June.

COE Renewal & Bidding Exercise

Will there be COE Bidding Exercises in May?

No. The COE bidding exercises in May will be suspended during the extended Circuit Breaker period. Dealers may use their existing stock of Temporary COEs (TCOEs) to register new vehicles.

In addition, all existing and unused TCOEs which expire on or after 7 April 2020 will have their validity automatically extended by three months.

How can I renew my COE?

If you are looking to renew your COE, you can still do so via OneMotoring. Do note that you have a one month grace period to renew your COE if it has already expired, but you will be subjected to late renewal fees from S$50 to $250. This is payable, irregardless of the impact caused by the Circuit Breaker. You must also pay the PQP of the month that your COE expires.

For example: If your COE expires on 4 May 2020, you have until 3 June 2020 to renew your COE. You must also pay the PQP for May 2020, and the late renewal fee if you renew late.

Due to the suspension of bidding in the months of April and May, the PQP for May and June 2020 will be based on the average of the QP for the bidding exercises conducted in January, February and March 2020.

If you’re unable to renew within one month after your COE expires, you may have to contact LTA and request for an extension. However, this is a case by case basis, and it will be highly unlikely that your request will be granted. Your vehicle will be automatically deregistered if an extension is not granted and you won't be able to renew its COE again.

Can I still get a COE Renewal loan during this period?

With the exception of banks, most financial intermediaries may be closed now. A successful loan application will also depend on your credit rating, loan amount and various other factors.

Here at Motorist, we can help you source for a COE bank loan with the lowest interest rate in Singapore, even during this Circuit Breaker period.

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Can I share a ride with my friend/co-worker?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. According to LTA, “individuals who do not stay in the same household are not allowed to travel from point to point in the same vehicle (motorcycle/car/taxi)”.

However, rides made through private-hire apps such as Grab and Gojek are allowed, as the contact details of customers can be traced should an infection occur.

Deregistration & Scrap

Can I deregister my vehicle during this period?

Yes, you can deregister your vehicle during this period via OneMotoring. Please follow this guide if you are unsure of how to do so.

How can I scrap my deregistered vehicle?

LTA-authorised scrapyards, Export Processing Zones, and other vehicle exporters will be closed during this extended Circuit Breaker period.

If you have a deregistered vehicle, you will have to continue paying for its season parking as you are not allowed to legally drive the vehicle.

Once the Circuit Breaker measures are lifted, you will need to engage a tow truck to send your deregistered vehicle to the scrapyard.

Owners will have three months to dispose of their deregistered vehicles. It includes owners who have recently deregistered their cars and those with their one-month disposal deadline before 1 June 2020.

Car owners with disposal deadlines that fall between 2 June to 2 July 2020, both dates inclusive, will be given a further one-month extension to dispose of their vehicles.


Will ERP be suspended in May as well?

LTA will continue to suspend ERP at all gantries in view of the extended Circuit Breaker measures. ERP will resume when the extended Circuit Breaker measures are lifted.

OneMotoring Online Services

What traffic or vehicle-related services are available to me?

You will still be able to deregister your vehicle, renew your COE, transfer the ownership of a vehicle, pay for traffic fines and make appeals through OneMotoring.

Other services include buying an e-Day Licence, declaring OPC usage, confirming/cancelling transfers, and changing an authorised person’s details.

Motor Insurance

How do I renew my motor insurance during this extended Circuit Breaker period?

Motorist is able to help you find the most affordable motor insurance plan in the market. We work with different insurance companies to help you find an equally comprehensive plan that costs less - helping you save on your motoring costs.

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Vehicle Inspection and Road Tax

My private car is due for inspection during the extended Circuit Breaker. What should I do?

The periodic inspection deadline for private vehicles will be extended by 6 months.

This applies to all private cars that are due for inspection within the extended Circuit Breaker period (until 1 June 2020). This extension also applies to private cars with periodic inspection deadlines between 2 June and 21 June 2020, both dates inclusive.

To facilitate continued usage of the cars, LTA will allow the road tax for such private cars to be renewed for six months if they have valid insurance coverage.

You can still renew your road tax through OneMotoring. Do not drive your car if you have not renewed your road tax. You could get fined up to S$2,000.

Do I still have to send my Off Peak Car (OPC) for seal inspection?

Seal inspection for OPCs will be waived if the road tax due date falls within the extended Circuit Breaker period (until 1 June 2020).

This waiver also applies if their road tax due date is between 2 June and 21 June 2020, both dates inclusive.

What vehicles are required to go for periodic inspections?

Authorised Inspection Centres will remain open to facilitate the inspection for these vehicles:

  • Goods Vehicles
  • Buses
  • Taxis
  • Private Hire Cars
  • Motorcycles
Workshops & Vehicle Recovery

Are car workshops still open?

There are several workshops that are still open but do note that only essential and emergency repair services are available.

Refer to our previous article to find out everything you need to know about car workshop operations during this Circuit Breaker.

Can I send/collect my car for/from repair?

Yes, you can. However, make sure to call your preferred workshop beforehand and set an appointment as walk ins are not allowed. Also, don’t forget to wear a mask when you visit!


Can I wash my car at the HDB car park during Circuit Breaker?

Yes you can. Provided you are alone, wear a mask, and don’t spend more time than you need.

I am a delivery rider/cab driver. Can I eat my meals in public?

Yes, you are allowed to eat in your vehicles or in public spaces such as Housing Board block void decks or park benches. However, safe social distancing must be practiced. You must also carry identification to prove that you are employed in your line of work.

How can I cancel my season parking at work now that the Circuit Breaker has extended?

Kindly enquire with the respective agency or authority that is managing the parking facilities at your work place.

For HDB:

For URA:

For Wilson Parking:

For Metro Parking:

There are agencies that manage smaller parking facilities. You can look them up and cancel your season parking accordingly.

We hope we have covered all your questions and doubts. If not, feel free to drop us more questions on Ask Motorists on the Motorist Website and App!

You may also check out our previous Circuit Breaker article.

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