Driven to Boredom? 10 Things Drivers Can Do At Home During the Circuit Breaker Period

Published by on . Updated on 19 May 2020

Motorist 10 Things Drivers To Do At Home Circuit Breaker
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Are you bored of staying home every day? Is the Circuit Breaker measures getting between you and your beloved car? Here are our suggestions to keep your thirst to get behind the wheel at bay.

Due to COVID-19, all of us have been restricted within our four walls, making us miss our long drives with our friends and car meetups. Many of us are frustrated with how boring it can be at home and may be wondering, “When can we see the road again?”

While driving around is not recommended now, we have come up with many alternatives for us to stay home and still enjoy our passion in cars.

Luckily, we are tech savvy enough to survive this pandemic without much difficulty. In times like this, your smartphones, PCs and gaming consoles will be your main source of entertainment.

If you are stuck at home, here are some safe activities for you to hit the brakes on boredom.

1) Playing Car Racing Video Games

Asphalt9nintendo(Photo Credit: Nintendo)

Go full throttle on video games as they are one of the most thrilling forms of entertainment. We have narrowed down recommendations for you to enjoy. Games are known to be fun and distracting at the same time, so we think this is the perfect combination to kill time at home.

Furthermore, it’s an accommodating option as you can play games on your smart phones while lying on your comfy couch.

These games will always satisfy the car enthusiast in you as you can customise your own cars and race them all day. If you miss driving and want to feel that rush again, these top rated racing games are ones we think are a MUST:

2) Watch Car-Related YouTube Channels

Topgearyoutubechannel(Photo Credit: YouTube/Top Gear)

YouTube is very easily accessible to everyone and the best part is it’s free. It has endless videos of everything you can think of and we are sure that there are many car channels that will hook you in whether it’s with satisfying car cleaning videos or automotive vlogs.

These channels cover almost every tiring and fun aspect there is to cars. They are educational yet entertaining so if u want an easy way of having a productive day, just watch, learn and ignite that passion for cars.

Pick your poison and enjoy these popular automotive channels:

3) Binge Watch Car-Related Programmes

Netflixcarmasters(Photo Credit: medium)

We are sure many of you have already started binge watching your favourite series since the start of this Circuit Breaker period but it’s time to bring our love for cars on screen. From viral car modifications to competitive racing between renowned drivers, Netflix has it all.

It does not stop there as you can find many car programmes on BBC, Amazon Prime and more. If you are not subscribed, do not fret, you can search up the programmes on YouTube and enjoy their viral highlights.

Some of us may not be captive audiences. We will play a programme on our TVs and use our phones as we tune in and out of the show. However, these suggested programmes by us, are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats or laughing out loud.

These programmes are what car enthusiasts would most likely enjoy binge watching:

  • Car Masters: Rust to Riches on Netflix
  • Hyperdrive on Netflix
  • West Coast Customs on Netflix
  • Top Gear on BBC
  • The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime
4) Check out the Motorist Website

Motorist Home Page

Motorist is the perfect place for car enthusiasts as we have everything. Vehicle transactions are what we do best but now, we have revamped our website to spoil you with choice of over 500 articles.

We offer car advice, news, reviews and guides for you to read to your heart’s content. Our articles include coverage on COVID-19 affecting purchase of vehicles, information on COE and insurance, and car hacks to try out, to name a few.

While you’re here, feel free to browse through our many articles and maybe find out if workshops are still open in Singapore.

5) Pick Up A Motor-Related Skill

Carrepair (Photo Credit: 3D Collision Centers)

If working out is not for you but you still want to feel productive during this Circuit Breaker period, you can pick up a motor-related skill. Learning more about your car helps to grow you closer to it too. As a car owner, we are sure there are times when you think to yourself, “Do I really need to go all the way to the workshop to fix this?”

Picking up a skill is easy and cheap. There are many online platforms that offer courses that you can take right now. Udemy is an example of one. You can sign up for free and start courses such as automotive repair and maintenance.

We know you may be dying to get your hands on your car so why not learn a skill and practice it while you’re at it. It’s a win-win for you and your car. You can get adept in repairing and maintenance and your car (and wallet) will probably thank you for it in the long run.

A Beginner’s Guide to Automotive Repair only takes you two hours to complete so it’s time to pick up a new skill on Udemy and feel that sense of achievement and productivity.

6) Visit Car Museums Online

Virtualcarmuseumtour (Photo Credit: Google Maps/Virtual Tour)

Did you know you can tour car museums virtually? Thanks to Google Maps and YouTube, you can visit your favourite automobile brands at a click of a button. A tour in the comfort of your own bed, why not?

However, these museums look more like a glorified showroom where you can even get behind the seats of the cars. Explore and pretend that you own the place as unlike museums in real life, you have the whole place to yourself.

We recommend perusing down the halls and looking out for your dream supercar. They even have boards of information and trophies to make your experience more meaningful.

Here are some of our favourite tours:

7) Chat with Car Enthusiasts on Telegram

Motoristcommunitytelegram (Photo Credit: Motorist Community)

If you are a car enthusiast or you just want a heads up on the latest traffic news, joining the Motorist Community on Telegram allows you to meet others like yourself and chat.

Telegram is a messaging service available on the web and your smartphones. It has a feature where people with similar interests can create a public group chat for anyone to join. Information on traffic, workshops, car models are all shared by group members and you can contribute too.

This is a fantastic way to keep your passion burning, share your struggles and complaints or how ‘sian’ this Circuit Breaker is with your car buddies. The Motorist Community is a local group chat created by us for all car-related interests so join now and share your boredom with some friends!

8) Host Virtual Hangout with Your Car Kakis

Googlehangoutvirtual (Photo Credit: financesonline)

Social distancing does not mean we are should isolate ourselves. We can still stay connected to one another. With all of us at home, the only way we can keep in touch and communicate with our friends and family are through virtual hangouts, which can be an enjoyable way to remain connected.

There is an abundance of things you can do such as working on projects together, play games and see their faces.

Catch up with your car kakis through these free platforms on your phone or the web:

9) Shop for Car Accessories and Parts Online

Manonlineshopping (Photo Credit: Forbes)

Staying at home has one good pro: saving money. You won’t need to pay for gas during this stay- home period, go for supper with your motor buddies or pay for ERP, so why not treat yourself by shopping for new car accessories and parts online.

Finally, you can splurge on some accessories to doll-up your car. You can shop now and accessorise or modify your car by the time the Circuit Breaker is over.

You can start your spree with these online shops:

10) Straighten Important Vehicle Matters on the Motorist App

Motorist Sg Appad

Managing your vehicle from your phone is a great way to kill time and double check on all your papers. The Motorist App has all the key management features so you can always be fuss and worry-free about your car.

Managing your vehicle can be tough and frustrating with all the dates and information to keep in mind.

Hence, the Motorist App keeps tracks and sends you reminders on your road tax, traffic offences, vehicle recall, COE expiry, vehicle inspection. and more. Stop confusing yourself and download it now!

The Motorist App also offers many other perks along with these app features so we call on you to check out how we can make your vehicle ownership experience much simpler and efficient.

We hope these suggestions cure your boredom. Stay at home and try these so we can meet our driving kakis sooner than later.

To find more information on any motor-related topic, check out our website and download our Motorist App today!

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