Singapore Police Force: Safe Distancing Measures are Not Enforced at Roadblocks

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Road Block Fake News(Photo Credit: Mothership)

The Singapore Police Force has announced there have been no attempts to conduct any roadblocks to ensure Singaporeans adhere to the elevated safe distancing measures. This was in response to online circulation of rumored allegations.

According to a Facebook post, authorities acknowledge that there have been “messages circulating via text messaging services making false claims that members of the public had been stopped at police roadblocks and fined for not complying with the elevated safe distancing measures”.

The Police ensured and reiterated the fact that no roadblocks have been conducted specifically to enforce these safe distancing measure, and that no passengers have been issued with fines at roadblock for non-compliance.

Authorities also mentioned that the purpose for roadblocks are to detect offences such as drink-driving and to identify wanted personnel.

Nevertheless, the Police said that it would take enforcement action if they “come across motorist and passengers flouting the elevated safe distancing measures when conducting such road blocks”.

The Singapore Police Force also strongly urged the public not to spread unsubstantial information which may cause unnecessary distress.

For those unaware, under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA), members of the public can be prosecuted for spreading fake news online?

Amidst this pandemic and crisis, do everyone a favor: always verify your news and make sure it is credible.

Also, do your part to stop the spread of fake news that can destabilize the current climate and cause unnecessary panic.

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