Common Car Mods LTA Will Chase You For

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Modding your car in Singapore is pretty much a losing battle. If you don't want LTA and the Traffic Police chasing you, it's best to avoid these common car mods. Continue reading

Roadside Parking: 6 Things to Look Out For to Avoid Parking Tickets

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Parking in Singapore isn't as simple as knowing the rules, parking in the right lots, or placing the right coupons. Check out the 6 things you should look out for to avoid parking tickets. Continue reading

Increase of Public Car Park Prices in Singapore

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Despite public backlash on the new revisions, economic experts do agree that the increase of public car park prices are needed. What are your thoughts? Continue reading

The Different Types of Parking Lots and Coupons in Singapore

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Parking can be a real pain in Singapore. It's complicated, it's tiresome, and worst of all, it's just parking! Check out the different types of parking lots and coupons in Singapore so that you can put your mind at ease. Continue reading

15 Things You should Never Say or Do when Hitching a Ride

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Hitching a ride? Well, if you didn't already know, there are a few things you should avoid saying or doing. Continue reading

Bus Lane Laws: The Rules and What to Do If You Get Fined

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Bus lane fines are more common than you think. Stationed at bus stops, traffic wardens are waiting to strike unlucky drivers with hefty $130 fines. If you do get summoned, our guide will show you how to appeal your fine. Continue reading

A Beginner Driver’s Guide to Singapore Car Insurance

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We created this guide for beginner drivers to help them understand the different types of car insurance in Singapore. Get these basics right to find the most comprehensive plan for yourself. Continue reading

4 Lemon Law Facts on Used Car Purchases

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Lemon Law was implemented on 1st September 2012 to protect consumers against defective goods, include used cars. Here are four lemon law facts you should know before buying a used vehicle. Continue reading

How to Sell Your Car to a Used Car Dealership

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Planning to sell your car to a used car dealership? Here's everything you need to know about the sales process. Instead of going through with all the trouble, let help you with it. Continue reading

4 Ways to Sell Your Car: Traditional vs Unconventional

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There is more than one way to sell your car in Singapore. In fact, did you know that there are actually 4 different ways you can do it. Find out what they are in the following article. Continue reading