5 Reasons Why You Should Call a Valet After Drinking

Published by on . Updated on 4 Feb 2021

Motorist 5 Reasons Valet After Drinking Cover(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

As years go by, drink driving poses an even bigger threat to us all. It can cost us much more than just money. Valets exist, and here’s why you should use them.

Throughout the year, there are so many celebrations – Chinese New Year, Christmas, our birthdays; the list keeps going on. And whenever these festive seasons come around, many of us prefer to go out to celebrate with a couple of drinks.

Especially in Singapore, where owning a car burns a hole in your wallet, drink driving is one of the worst ways to lose your car, or lose something even more valuable.

That’s why drive-home valets exist, and here’s why you should patronise their services.

1. Penalties of Drink Driving

Motorist 5 Reasons Valet After Drinking Offences Penalties(Photo Credit: Pexels)

According to Section 67 of the Road Traffic Act, anybody who drives or attempts to drive a vehicle on the road –

  • is unfit to drive while intoxicated either through drugs or alcohol to the point of being incapable of controlling the vehicle
  • has so much alcohol in his system that the proportion of it in his breath or blood exceeds the legal limit

– shall be considered guilty of an offence.

The penalty for driving while under the influence of alcohol? A fine of not less than S$2,000 and not more than S$10,000 or imprisonment of up to 12 months or both.

Subsequent offences will result in a fine not less than S$5,000 and nor more than S$20,000 and imprisonment of up to two years.

Also, while many think it’s a myth, sitting in a stationary car after drinking is also considered an offence for the intent of driving the car while intoxicated.

2. Drink Driving is Costly

Motorist 5 Reasons Valet After Drinking Dangerous Costly(Photo Credit: Pexels)

This one goes without saying – drinking and driving is a real danger to everyone. Driving while under the influence reduces your brain function and could cause you to get into collisions. The more you’ve had to drink, the less control you will have at the wheel.

Just recently, a woman passed away after a fatal accident where a drunk driver ploughed into her.

It’s not worth having your life taken by a reckless drunk driver, or being the drunk driver that kills someone else. If you’re lucky enough to escape death in an accident, your bank account is going to cry at the cost of damages to your vehicle.

Want to stay safe? Get a drive-home valet.

3. Drive Home in Your Own Car

Motorist 5 Reasons Valet After Drinking Drive Home(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

So the above points say you shouldn’t get behind the wheel when you’re drunk, but how else can you get home in the luxury of your own car?

Call a drive-home valet service!

These services employ a driver to pick you and your car up from wherever you are, and they’re prepared to drive you home in your car. In short, you don’t have to call a cab and waste your time going to collect your car the next day.

4. No More Designated Drivers

Motorist 5 Reasons Valet After Drinking No Designated Drivers(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Gone are the days where one of you in the group has to stay sober just to drive the others home. Now, everyone gets to have fun drinking and partying!

You no longer have to sacrifice fun to be a chauffeur for your friends. By hiring a valet for the night, you can get home easily, as well as drop your friends off along the way.

Most valet services will drive you home for roughly S$38 (on average), with an additional S$10 for every drop off. For the timings as well, usually from 9pm to 5am, it may be much easier to get a valet compared to a Grab.

5. Motorist’s Valet Service Feature

Motorist 5 Reasons Valet After Drinking Motorist App

With so many valet services in Singapore, it can be tricky trying to find a good one. Some valets allow you to use an app to book a ride, while others stick to the traditional dialing of their number(s).

To help solve this, Motorist has partnered with some valet companies to ease your bookings! Similar to our Road Assist feature, you just select the feature, which is located under the “Drive” header.

Motorist 5 Reasons Valet After Drinking Motorist App 1

Click on the ‘Valet Assistance’ button. After which select your current location and your destination.

Motorist 5 Reasons Valet After Drinking Motorist App 2

Once that’s done, fill in your particulars and submit your enquiry. Our service providers will get back to you within 5 minutes.

Motorist 5 Reasons Valet After Drinking Motorist App 3

For first-timers booking a valet service through the Motorist App, you get a S$5 discount! Instead of the usual S$38 price, you only have to pay S$33 to book a valet.

We hope these points have helped you to reconsider getting behind the wheel after drinking, and realizing that there really is a better solution. Always remember to stay safe, even when having fun.

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