[2024 Update] Here are 5 apps that all drivers in Singapore need

Published by on . Updated on 14 May 2024

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Driving in Singapore can be rather stressful, but with these five useful car apps, they'll definitely make your commute a lot more bearable.

While we don't suggest you using your smartphone while driving, there are several apps out that can actually enhance your daily commute. From parking management to helping drivers avoid speed traps, there's definitely a car app in this list that suits your driving needs. Check them out below:

1. Parking.sg

Motorists Parking

Parking.sg is a mobile app that allows motorists to use their mobile devices to pay for their parking session. Instead of displaying physical parking coupons, vehicle owners can simply pay for their session via the app. All they have to do is to select the car park, input their vehicle number and set their parking duration. Fees will be automatically calculated and deducted from your debit or credit card. If you decide to end your parking session earlier, you can even refund the balance, which will be calculated on a per minute basis. Drivers can even extend their parking duration via the app and receiving notifications when their session is about to expire.

Get it here: Apple App Store | Google Play Store

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2. Parking@HDB

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Parking@HDB is a new app from HDB that lets motorists pay for their parking sessions at new gantry-less carparks digitally instead. Motorists now need not wait for the gantry to open, they simply add their card and vehicle number in the app and it'll automatically deduct the amount from your credit/debit card. As a bonus, HDB is offering three free parking sessions for new users of the app!

Get it here: Apple App Store | Google Play Store

3. Waze


Waze is easily the best navigation app for drivers all over the globe. Waze provides live routing based on community driven, real-time traffic information, allowing you to bypass jams and road closures with on-the-fly updates to your route. Drivers can share reports via the app that alerts others of incoming accidents, hazards, speed cameras, and even police. Share your estimated time of arrival with your friends via the app and earn points as you contribute!

Get it here: Apple App Store | Google Play Store

4. Plugshare

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Plugshare is a must-have if you drive an EV, the free app is able to show you the location of every single electric car charger around you as well as it's operator, charger type, and price. You can also see community notes from other EV drivers who have used that charger so you know if it's faulty or in use. 

Get it here: Apple App Store | Google Play Store

5. Motorist App

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Created by drivers for drivers, the Motorist App is the brainchild of Motorist.sg that aims to simplify the lives of every Singapore driver. Equipped with a suite of free motoring tools, the Motorist App lets you check live traffic cameras, avoid speed cameras and fuel checks, as well as find out your vehicle information from LTA. 

With ERP 2.0 now creeping over the horizon, the Motorist app is also able to be used as an LTA-approved alternative display for the OBU's touchscreen display! That mean's you'll be able to enjoy all the features of the new OBU system without having to install the touchscreen display on your dashboard. 

Besides the aforementioned features, you can even manage your current vehicle via the Motorist App. For example, if your car's COE is expiring, you can choose to renew it or sell your vehicle through the app. Similar to the Motorist.sg web platform, any quotes or valuation you receive are completely obligation-free.

Get it here: Apple App Store | Google Play Store

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