All new cars registered from 1 May 2024 will come pre-fitted with the ERP 2.0 OBU

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The next installation phase for the new On-Board Unit, as part of Electronic Road Pricing 2.0, will be the pre-fitment of the OBU in all new vehicles registered from 1 May 2024 onwards.

Authorised motor dealers/distributors will need to make adjustments to their operational/PDI processes to deliver their new vehicles with the OBU already installed. In line with this, the dealers are expected to consult their customers accordingly to finalise their preferred OBU setup for their new vehicles yet to be delivered.  

The two considerations are the placement of the processing unit and whether to install the touchscreen display. Owners have the option of not installing the latter and, instead, using a smartphone app compatible with ERP 2.0. The compatible apps at press time include LTA’s own “ERP” app and the Motorist super app.

Of the 13,000 vehicle owners, mainly commercial fleet operators, who had their OBUs installed in the first phase (since 2023 November), more than 70 percent went with the default touchscreen, while about 30 percent chose to use a compatible smartphone app instead as the alternative display for ERP 2.0 and related functions. 

Responding to the feedback from the early batch of OBU users, LTA will update the OBU touchscreen to include a digital button that temporarily disables card charging in a carpark, so as to facilitate complimentary parking, i.e. no need to remove the stored-value card at the point of exit. Activating this function would not affect the charging/deducting of ERP levies. This new feature will also be extended to the compatible apps. 

Vehicle owners will receive an official notification from LTA when it is their turn to have the OBU installed in place of the existing IU. They can then book an appointment online with their preferred workshop using the QR link in the notification. During the booking, they can select whether they wish to install the touchscreen display for the three-piece OBU (the relevant webpage recommends “Yes, I want to install"). 

If the vehicle owner declines to install the touchscreen, the webpage will highlight three points for his/her attention before proceeding to confirm the booking:

  1. Additional steps will be required to download a compatible mobile app on your own device, and to connect the device to your OBU.
  2. It will be less seamless experience to access future functionalities.
  3. You will incur installation fees if you decide to have the Touchscreen Display installed post-OBU installation.

The installation fees beyond the two-month window for free, first-time installation including the OBU will be $70 for cars and $35 for motorcycles. Motorists who are unable to make it during the “free period” due to contingencies may contact the LTA’s Call Assist Service (6377-2255) to request for a later date.

Motorists who wish to install their OBU early (after being notified by LTA to do so) may also call the same number to arrange an installation appointment. They may also contact their preferred authorised OBU workshop directly to schedule the OBU fitment together with their next servicing session for greater convenience.

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