​EV Car Ownership: Battery Warranty For Different Brands - Part I

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Electric Vehicles (EVs) are believed to be the way forwards. However, if your battery or any other newfangled EV component fails, it will probably leave a not-insignificant hole in your wallet.

EV warranties, especially those to cover its battery pack, serves as a peace of mind for consumers. This psychological reassurance is needed to sway those on the fence into being early adopters. But even before one can be convinced of the pros of EV ownership, you'd be faced with the headache of trying to make sense of complex warranty schemes for the various different markets. 

Slight turn-off it may be, but we're here to break it down to bite-sized chunks of information for easier consumption. Here are 5 mainstream EV car manufacturers and their respective powertrain warranties!


Motorist Byd E6 Featured

BYD supplies LTA with electrified buses, taxis and private-hire cars. Their pervasiveness of late means that you'd have seen a BYD-badged vehicle on our roads. Their latest flagship offering comes in the second generation e6 form and packs 522km of range if you commute mainly in the city.

We've tested BYD's claims extensively, and the e6 will return close to said figures. If your battery pack fails to hold more than 60% of the original charge, and thus failing to achieve that mileage, the Chinese automaker will offer a free battery exchange within the first 10 years of ownership, or when you reach 500,000km. 

Do note though, that this promotion is only valid for those buying a BYD within September.


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Lexus is a marque that needs no introduction. They have added a hybridised version of most of their entire line-ups. The UX300e though is their first foray into the world of EVs. It has a range of 360km, with the drivetrain capable of putting out 201bhp.

As a more luxury-oriented brand, Lexus' standard warranty is generous enough; a three year or 100,000km, whichever comes first. The warranty also covers roadside assistance and defective parts. For EVs, you can upgrade to their extended warranty, Lexus Affinity Bold, which lasts for eight years and 200,000km. 

It covers any defective Lexus part, such as your infotainment system, steering, and suspension, and more importantly, the EV gubbins. We reviewed the UX300e here - if you're interested in buying one, do check it out and see what we thought about it!


Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1632277316863 Ev Battery Warranty For Different Car Brands Part 1 Hyundai (Photo Credit: EV Database)

This Korean carmaker is no stranger to EVs; Hyundai has two pure EVs on offer at present, in the form of the Kona and the Ioniq. As is par of the course with modern EVs, these mechanically identical cars can top up their battery packs from 10% to 80% in a little over 40 minutes. It's affordable, fun and spacious - just what more do you need for a car in Singapore? 

If you cover big mileage, Hyundai's warranty is perhaps the most comprehensive locally. Their offerings come with a 5-Year Unlimited Mileage warranty. The battery pack comes with its own coverage, of 8 years or 160,000km, whichever comes first. 

Here's what we think of the KONA twins - both Hybrid and Electric!


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Nissan is a juggernaut of a car brand. Having released the highly successful GTR and Z lines, Nissan is now venturing into range-extender EVs, dubbed their e-Power line. Current cars include the Nissan Note, Kicks and Serena. A pure EV, the Nissan Leaf, is also available for purchase and has a total range of 311 km.

An eight-year or 160,000km, whichever comes first, warranty covers the battery as well as the other electric drive components. Do note that this only extends to genuine Nissan parts. 

We reviewed the Nissan Note e-Power and Kicks e-Power, so if you'd like to know how it's like to live with one, wonder no more!

Morris Garages (MG)

Ev Battery Warranty For Different Car Brands Part 1 Mg(Photo credit: Eurokars Group)

Remember the MG Midget? That was a car produced more than 50 years ago, and SAIC has since revived the marque to produce more family-focused cars. As of late, they have pledged to follow the uptake of the growing EV market. Cars like the MG5 and the MG ZS EV, with the latter's credible 335km range and 141bhp output more than proves SAIC's mettle.

SAIC's revamped MG brand will cover the entire EV drivetrain for a period of 8 years, bang on in line with what its closest competitors are offering. 

Amped Up About EVs?

If you're considering having an EV in your life, but are in doubt about the specifics of your battery warranty (duration or what is covered!), you can head on over to our warranty page to enquire about your warranty! 

EVs present big running cost savings over their petrol-powered counterparts. Attractive early-adopter rebates and robust parts guarantee really sweeten the deal, potentially making the purchase a no-brainer!

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