Electric Vehicle Charging Guide: Ways to Power Your EV in Singapore

Published by on . Updated on 9 Jul 2021

Ev Charging Guide Singapore
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Unsure about electric vehicle charging stations in Singapore? Fret not, we have come up with this handy guide to explain the ins and outs.

Are you convinced to own an electric vehicle after reading our EV buying guide? But before that, did you know there are different ways to power your EV in Singapore?

In this article, we will cover the types of EV chargers that are currently available, as well as the various service providers currently in the market.

Types of EV Chargers in Singapore

Ev Charging Guide Singapore 07
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There are two types of EV chargers available in Singapore, 43kW AC and Combined Charging System 2 (50kW DC). The difference between the two is that one uses alternating current (AC) and the other direct current (DC).

If you know a thing or two about electricity, you will know that DC charging gets the job done more quickly because the current is linear and more consistent.

However, which type of charger you will be using depends on the EV that you've purchased. For example, the BYD e6 has an inlet adaptable for AC chargers only. While, the Hyundai Ioniq has been fitted with CCS2, which is capable of both fast and slow charging capabilities.

EV Charging Providers in Singapore

Just like petrol brands, there are different EV charging providers in Singapore. EV charging stations are usually found at petrol service stations, public housing estates, malls and workplaces.

If required, authorised dealers in Singapore also provide emergency charging services.

Shell Station

Ev Charging Guide Singapore 02
(Photo Credit: Shell Singapore)

Shell is the first oil and gas company in Singapore to offer EV charging services across 18 stations; it is called Shell Recharge (operated by Greenlots). Each charging station can charge up from 0% to 80% in approximately 30 minutes (or depending on the type of EV).

Each station has both Combined Charging System (50kW DC) and type-2 43kW AC connectors. It costs $0.55/kWh, so a full charge of a BYD e6 Electric 2021 would cost you around S$39.44.


Save Petrol Money  6
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Caltex will be partnering with SP Group to offer EV charging facilities at four stations by the second quarter of 2021.

There will be 50kW DC charging facilities at Yishun Ring Road, Changi Road, Jurong West Avenue and Dunearn Road. Caltex at Changi Road will get an additional 50kW DC charging point; it is cleverly designed to allow a charging speed of 100kW, only if it is occupied by one car at a time.

To stay ahead of its rival, Shell, Caltex will be offering a charging fee of 46.63 cents/kWh, which is almost 10 cents cheaper than what Shell has to offer. With that, SP and Caltex will be observing the users' behaviour patterns closely before expanding them to various Caltex stations.

SP Group

Ev Charging Guide Singapore 03
(Photo Credit: SPgroup)

SPgroup is one of the largest energy supplier firms in Singapore and is currently offering 1,000 charging points across 33 charging stations islandwide.

They are usually found at carparks located at shopping malls, attractions and offices. It will cost you 46 cents per hour for DC charging and 38 cents per hour for AC charging.


Ev Charging Guide Singapore 04
(Photo Credit: BlueSG)

BlueSG has opened up 239 of its charging stations for non-BlueSG users in Singapore. Private EV owners can utilise it at $1 per hour for the first 3 hours and $2 per hour thereafter.

Payment and Usage Method

Ev Chargig Guide Singapore 08
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The payments and usage of each EV charging point in Singapore is rather straight-forward. All you have to do is download one of these apps: Greenlots by Shell, SP Utilities or BlueSG.

Each app provides you with live information on the price and types of chargers available for use in Singapore. On top of this, the apps also allow you to enjoy a seamless payment experience by just storing your credit or debit card information.

For usage, connect the charging arm, check in to the charging station you are at by scanning the QR code on the charging station, and the session starts. You can stop charging once it reaches your satisfied charging level, and you'll receive a bill according to your charge time.

Emergency Charging Services

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(Photo Credit: Hyundai Singapore)

Nope! Emergency EV charging services isn't an alternative solution to juice up your EV; you'll only require it if you are left stranded on the side of the road. This is unlikely to happen in Singapore if you plan your driving route thoroughly.

BMW offers 24-hour recovery assistance for its customers, and its BMW i Roadside Assistance is one of their emergency services specially tailored for BMW EV owners.

In a case of a fully discharged battery, customers can request to have their car sent to a preferred charging spot or to an authorised BMW i Service Centre. Following that, BMW will cover the cab cost of up to $50 or have a replacement vehicle delivered to the customer.

Komoco also provides a 24-hours EV emergency charging service. Hyundai Ioniq Electric and Kona Electric owners are now entitled to 10 emergency charging services during their five-year warranty period.

If your electric vehicle runs out of juice, Komoco will deploy a recovery EV to your destination within an hour. It will provide customers with sufficient charge of up to 44km range in 30 minutes, which is enough to head for the nearest public charging point in Singapore.

We hope this article gives you a peace of mind to own an EV in the near future. Share with us in the comments below if you know of any other EV charging providers and emergency charging services in Singapore.

We'll be coming out with a list of EV charging stations available at various shopping malls in Singapore, so do keep a lookout for our next article!

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