5 Tips and Tricks for Better Fuel Economy

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Pumping Petrol Fuel(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Scratching your head for ways to save on your petrol bill? Is petrol getting increasingly expensive and burning a hole in your wallet?

Read on to find out tips and tricks to save on fuel and you may find yourself having spare change for a hearty meal or two with your loved one!

1. Keep the Car Light

Car interior light(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Weight is the ultimate nemesis of your vehicle's fuel economy. Keep the car light by conducting weekly spring cleaning, or whenever deemed necessary, and you may be in for a pleasant surprise from the improved figures after removing all the junk from your boot!

2. Tyres at the Right Pressure

Compressor tyre(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Inflating your vehicle's tyres to the recommended pressure by your manufacturer will reduce rolling resistance without any compromise on stability and grip, thus keeping you safe on the roads with savings in your pockets! To promote a healthier lifestyle for you and your vehicle, squatting exercises to pump your tyres should be done fortnightly. It is quick and most importantly, free of charge!

3. Comfort over Speed

Speed speedometer car(Photo Credit: Shuttershock)

Harsh acceleration and high speed are the biggest contributing factors to heavy fuel consumption. By being lighter on the accelerator and keeping to the speed limit, you will not only play an important role in making the road safer for everyone, it will also save you from getting an unnecessary summon that will take your year-end bonus away! Patience is the key!

4. Switch on Your Air-Conditioners

car control console centre(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Do not mistreat yourself and believe in the myth that switching off air-conditioners on your vehicle will result in noticeable petrol savings! As taught way back during our physics classes, aerodynamics and resistant forces play a huge role in efficiency behind the wheels. Winding down those windows will only increase drag on your vehicle, in turn causing it to require more energy to run and consequently more fuel to be consumed.

5. Switch off Your Engine

Start keyless ignition car(Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures)

When a car is left stationary and idling, we tend to be extremely tempted to keep the cool air-conditioners on due to the humid and sunny weather we have throughout the year in Singapore. Unarguably, it is almost a sauna session if the engine and air-conditioners were switched off, but do you know that you could achieve considerable savings on your petrol bill and maybe a summon ticket from NEA too?

Most importantly, remember to plan your route in advance and keep extra petrol used when getting lost on the roads to a minimum!

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