12 Things Car Owners Will Probably Do After the Circuit Breaker Measures are Lifted

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Yccb210420 (Photo Credit: The Straits Times)

If we had to guess, here are 12 things car owners will probably do once the Circuit Breaker (CB) measures are lifted.

Most of us have been working from home, scrolling through social media, eating take away meals and snacking throughout the day. And if you’re like us, you’ll constantly think about what you are going to do when you are finally free.

It’s perfectly normal and relatable. You’re finally taking your car out for a long-awaited joy ride but what is your first destination? We’ve made an extensive list of possibilities, so let’s see if we guessed some of yours right!

1) Drive to JB for Makan or Staycation

Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh(Photo Credit: SGMY Taxi)

If you haven’t met your significant other during CB, then we can probably guess this is the first destination that pops in your head.

From slurping down a hot bowl of bak kut teh from Soon Soon Heng opposite KSL City to feasting on sticks of delicious ‘Lok Lok’ from 大成渌渌, the possibilities are endless. After you’re done with your meal, you’d probably want to end the night with either a nice soothing massage or a rousing session of karaoke.

After the CB, we’re sure many of you will zoom your way to JB, which is truly an affordable way to spend your extra savings from being stuck at home.

2) Pump Petrol in JB

Since you’re already driving to JB to makan at your favourite stalls, why not fill up the gas tank with some petrol as well? Despite the 3/4 tank rule in place, we know many drivers won’t be able to resist the thrill and joy of pumping cheap petrol from our Northern neighbours.

If you would like to avoid running into a fuel check, you should consider downloading the Motorist App. Once downloaded, look under our Checkpoint function for a handy feature to avoid the prying eyes of custom officers.

3) Send the Car for Grooming or Car wash

Post 26 Mod Tunel Para Lavar El Coche 720x479 (Photo Credit: CarGlass)

Has your car been unattended and neglected throughout this CB period? If so, you’d probably want to make sure that it is in tip top condition before meeting your friends or family.

Besides a car wash, some of us might even consider a full grooming package, which includes the cleaning and detailing of the car’s interior. This will help you get rid of any thin layer of dust that might have formed on surfaces like the dashboard and seats.

4) Go for Car Inspection

For some of us, we must clear our overdue car inspection before anything else. So be sure to check your inspection date and get it done as soon as possible, especially those with their road tax due after the Circuit Breaker period.

More details on this can be found here.

5) Send Your Car for Servicing

If you missed your regular servicing because of the CB measures, you’d probably want to send your car to the workshop ASAP.

We hope that by 1 June 2020, most workshops and service centres would be open, otherwise, personal safety might be compromised while driving.

6) Meet Your Kakis for Supper

Do you miss your late night supper adventures with your pals? Well once CB is lifted, you can finally run up and hug them like those Korean dramas you’ve been binging at home.

We’re pretty sure most Singaporeans can’t wait for the Circuit Breaker to end in order to catch up with old friends and have a good laugh over a meal that hasn’t been packaged.

7) Attend Car Meet-Ups

Bmw 1 M Meet Up 15 (Photo Credit: BMW Blog)

If you follow Motorist closely, you might be a car enthusiast who is missing his regular car meets. Bonding over cars is how you love meeting others, and you simply can’t wait to discuss the latest car news and gossip.

So, when the CB measures are finally lifted, we’re sure you’ll pounce on this opportunity to attend or organise a car meet up with fellow car club members.

8) Restaurant Hopping in Singapore

We all know the pain of not being able to dine in at your favourite restaurants in Singapore. Sure, delivery options are available, but there’s nothing more satisfying than tucking into a freshly prepared meal.

Regardless of cuisine, we know most of you will be calling up family and friends to join you at your favourite dining spots once the Circuit Breaker measures are lifted.

9) McDonald’s Drive Through

91caac8b9a3dc048dbf4120b68aa258c (Photo Credit: Yahoo News)

A McDonald’s drive-thru has always been a saving grace for drivers, especially when we get sudden hunger pangs on the road. Ordering a delicious McSpicy burger with large fries, without ever stepping out the car, has truly been missed.

According to our community of drivers, this was one of their most missed activities, believe it or not.

10) Visit Your Parents

As the CB measures prohibit us from meeting anyone not living under the same roof, dropping in and checking on our elderly parents and relatives may be what we miss the most.

Yes, we can video call them but it is always different when we meet them in real life. Hence, for some of us, we’ll be heading to our parents’ place first!

11) Carpool with Your Friends

Carpooling In Whizz Car (Photo Credit: Whizz Car)

We’re sure all of us miss our friends and when you own a car, carpooling with them and playing your favourite tunes is the best kind of outing.

Singing along to songs, snacking in the car and exchanging funny stories is where all the fun of carpooling is at.

We can make a good guess that picking your friends up will be one of the things you’d want to do once the measures are lifted.

12) Sell your Car

Og Sellcar 4c82cac4ce8ed6902420ae68b2580537aa2b670b35da8d42e24a957714aff5f5

Since used car dealers are considered non-essential during this Circuit Breaker period, there are definitely some of us who had to shelve our plans of selling our vehicles.

Come 1 June, this might be our top priority as our vehicles will continue to depreciate each day, regardless of condition and usage.

Hence, if any of you are planning to sell your car after the CB measures are lifted, do it with Motorist. If you don’t know what’s the best price to sell your vehicle or how to handover its ownership, we are here for you!

Furthermore, when you sell your car with Motorist, we can guarantee the highest selling price for your used car within 24 hours, thanks to our online bidding system and large network of used car dealers.

We hope to be of service so do reach out to us on our Website or the Motorist App to enquire now!

We hope you relate to these points or have given you some ideas on what to do after the Circuit Breaker measures lifted.

I want to find the highest selling price for my car within 24 hours!

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