Circuit Breaker: Car Parks in Gardens, Parks and Nature Reserves are Now Closed

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

82c49 Img 5870(Photo Credit: Hiking The Green Isle)

With the COVID-19 pandemic still on going, cases in Singapore are still turning up daily. Hence, stricter measures have been implemented by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce to minimise movement and interactions amongst the populace.

Concerning us motorists, car parks are now closed across gardens, parks and nature reserves in Singapore starting 21 April 2020 until the Circuit Breaker ends on 1 June 2020. As everyone is strongly encouraged to stay at home, or go out for essentials only during this period, lifting parking privileges at said locations is a measure to prevent people from spending long hours out of their homes.

The list of newer and stricter measures does not stop there. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced, “If you need to go out, put on a mask, and only one person from every household should be away from home at any one time.”

Access to any area susceptible to crowding are now more controlled as well. Places such as wet markets will permit entry to people depending on their last digit of their NRIC or FIN number:

  • If the last digit of your NRIC is an odd number – you will only be allowed to enter on odd dates of the month
  • If the last digit of your NRIC is an even number – you will only be allowed to enter on even dates of the month

Furthermore, closure of more work premises has been ensued. For Food & Beverage, standalone outlets that only sell confectioneries, desserts, packaged snacks and beverages must close shop. This includes many of our favourites such as bubble tea drinks, doughnuts, frozen yogurts, fruit smoothies, popcorn, bak kwa and many more.

Services such as hairdressing and barber cuts are to close their outlets as well. However, outlets that sell meals will remain open but only for takeaways and delivery services only.

These measures are taken in hopes of a fast and effective recovery for Singapore and its people.

As PM Lee said, “Many will be disappointed by the extension of the circuit breaker, especially our business and workers, who are hurting greatly. But I hope you understand that this short-term pain is to stamp out the virus, protect the health and safety of our loved ones, and allow us to revive our economy.”

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