​4 Tips to Sell Your Car Safely During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Published by on . Updated on 23 Jul 2020

Motorist Sell Car Covid 19
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Are you thinking of giving up your car due to the current COVID-19 situation? Here are four tips to help you sell your vehicle safely amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Due to COVID-19, many businesses and freelancers are suffering huge losses due to the lack of customers. Similarly, our everyday lives are also affected as most of us are fearful of leaving the house.

With the option to telecommute, there are even lesser reasons to use your car these days. With fewer vehicles on the roads, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be suspending Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) at most locations from 6 April 2020.

And because vehicle ownership is so expensive in Singapore, there will definitely be car owners who are considering giving up their vehicles during this period of uncertainty.

If you are one, here are four tips to help you sell your car safely during this COVID-19 outbreak.

1) Wear a Face Mask When Meeting Potential Buyers

Motorist Covid 19 Face Mask
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A face mask will be your first line of defence against the COVID-19 virus. Whether you are meeting a direct buyer or used car dealer, you should always wear a face mask before engaging them in person.

With the COVID-19 situation worsening, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a few spare masks in the glove compartment of your vehicle. The same goes for a bottle of hand sanitiser.

Besides wearing one yourself, you could also offer a spare mask to potential buyers when meeting them, provided they aren’t wearing one themselves.

2) Sanitise Your Car’s Interior, Especially the Steering Wheel

Motorist Covid 19 Clean Steering Wheel
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Most buyers, especially direct buyers, will insist on a test drive before completing any purchase. You might not like the idea of having a stranger driving your beloved car, but deep down you know you won’t have a choice.

However, once the test drive is complete, you should sanitise the interior of your car to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. It includes airing out your car and wiping points of contact with disinfectant.

These points of contact include door handles, the driver’s seat, dashboard, handbrake, seatbelt, and the steering wheel.

For those unaware, the steering wheel is one of the dirtiest places in a car. In fact, the National Centre for Biotechnology Information discovered that the steering wheel is four times dirtier than a toilet seat.

As for the COVID-19 virus, it can remain active on surfaces for up to 72 hours. Do use an alcohol solution of at least 70% alcohol to ensure your car’s interior is cleaned thoroughly.

3) Maintain Social Distancing

Motorist Social Distancing Covid 19
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The Singapore Government has been encouraging all citizens to ensure safe distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And as a model citizen, you should abide by their guidelines.

What this means is no shaking of hands when meeting direct buyers or used car dealers. You should also ensure a one-metre distance when speaking with them.

If you are going on a test drive, you should sit in the rear passenger seat while they are driving. With the situation worsening day by day, we’re pretty sure the buyer won’t take offence with your action.

4) Sell Your Car Online and Avoid Physical Meetings

Sell Car Motorist Covid 19

In this time and age, anything can be bought and sold through the internet. From smartphones and computers to insurance and houses, cars are no exception either.

Through Motorist, we can help you obtain the highest valuation for your car from over 300 certified dealers. If you prefer to sell your vehicle to direct buyers via consignment, that option is available to you as well.

By using our platform, you can essentially avoid meeting dealers and direct buyers in person until the official handover of your vehicle. We will also save you time and ensure your safety as you no longer need to meet dealers and buyers individually to negotiate the selling price of your car.

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