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What does car consignment mean?

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Xin Yi

Car consignment is a method of selling your car, while having the flexibility of still owning your car.

Some owners prefer selling their car themselves as they believe they can fetch a higher price and still able to drive the car until the sale is confirmed. However, it can become a lengthy and troublesome process, with lots of paperwork and wasted time meeting potential buyers.

With Car consignment, owners get to enjoy the benefits (potentially fetch a higher price, drive the car till the sales is confirmed, etc...) without the trouble. This is because the consignment agents typically help you to handle the paperwork, and even screen through the potential buyers for those who are genuine and not just shopping around.

The fees typically ranges from $500 onwards, depending on the type of vehicle, and is negotiable on a case by case basis.

If you are looking to consign your vehicle, for a start, you can get a quick valuation of your vehicle here: They can also advise you on which sales process is the most suitable for you.


over 7 years ago