​New ERP System to Start in 2020: Includes New In-Vehicle Units

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Motorist New Erp System On Board Unit For Cars 2019(Photo Credit: MyCarForum)

Existing in-vehicle units (IUs) will be replaced “progressively from next year”. These new on-board units (OBUs) will apparently display more information such as live traffic information and coupon-less street parking.

For those unaware, LTA has been testing a new generation of satellite-based Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system since 2018. Instead of a gantry, which charges a flat rate, this new system will track and charge motorists based on distance.

To accommodate this new system, the existing IUs will be replaced with new OBUs starting from next year. According to LTA, the first replacement will be “free of charge” and can be done at vehicle inspections centres and selected approved workshops.

LTA also added that there will be a transition period, during which the existing and new ERP system will “co-exist”.

A quick search online revealed several concept photos of the new OBUs. Featuring a touchscreen, it appears to have several interesting new features.

Motorist New Erp System On Board Unit For Cars 2019 Balance
(Photo Credit: MyCarForum)

Besides highlighting your Cash Card balance, it also comes with a traffic information feed-cum-GPS which highlights traffic jams, closed roads, and offers directions. It also comes with an option to pay for roadside parking, similar to what the Parking.sg app offers. It also appears to have both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Online reactions have been mixed thus far. Some netizens welcome the new layout and functions, while others have likened it to a “taxi meter”. And of course, there were some who could not believe that they will be charged “$0.50 per kilometre” under the new system.

However, please bear in mind that these are concept photos and are likely to change in the future.

What are your thoughts about the new ERP system and OBUs? Let us know in the comments below!

Motorist New Erp System On Board Unit For Cars 2019 Charge
(Photo Credit: MyCarForum)

Motorist New Erp System On Board Unit For Cars 2019 Charging
(Photo Credit: MyCarForum)

Motorist New Erp System On Board Unit For Cars 2019 Parking

(Photo Credit: MyCarForum)

Motorist New Erp System On Board Unit For Cars 2019 Traffic
(Photo Credit: MyCarForum)


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Big brother is always watching 👀

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Thanks for leaving a comment Adam. However, rest assured that nothing is confirmed at the moment. We simply have to wait for an official announcement from LTA.

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Mavericks Flights

well if that will be the case that there will be charges of 50 cent per km , a lot of driver will give up they cars ... let’s see how that works for the income of the government.... i don’t think they can cover the cost by more people using MRT and Co .... Singapore is already the most expensive country, making it more expensive wouldn’t make it more attractive for foreign companies...... let’s see

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