5 Romantic Spots for Valentine’s Day Best Accessed by Car

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

romantic dinner(Photo Credit: Pexels)

So, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Cue the overpriced roses, expensive set dinners at romantic, dimly light restaurants, those tacky couple seats at the movies and the stress over making it an unforgettable night.

It’s no surprise that many guys hate Valentine’s Day, due to the pressure and the expenditure to make it a truly special occasion. But, what’s special about your Valentine’s Day celebration when so many other couples are doing the same thing as you?

This Valentine’s Day, why not shake it up a little? What if we told you that your night can be better just by doing away with the cliché and taking your significant other for a spin in your car? Well, we here came up with a list of five romantic places you can go to this Valentine’s Day that is a pain to get to using public transport, thus being relatively quiet spots best accessed by car.

1) Seletar Aerospace Park

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Situated right next to Seletar Airport, the Seletar Aerospace Park is a little-known outdoor area perfect for a romantic evening getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the middle of the park is The Oval, a hidden away paradise with plenty to see and do!

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Like any good park, there are plenty of grassy patches at The Oval that would be perfect for a picnic with a view. But unlike any regular park where you are only surrounded by nature, you can dine on the grass while watching planes take off from Seletar Airport, which is right next to The Oval.

If you are not interested in doing a picnic, there are also plenty of restaurants in that area featuring a wide array of food, from traditional Continental brunches to authentic local Teochew cuisine. As the sun sets, you could hit up one of the bars for a relaxing drink to chill out at the end of the day against a romantic backdrop of greenery.

Click here to find out more about Seletar Aerospace Park!

Address: 3 Park Lane, Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 798387

2) Upper Peirce Reservoir

Upper Peirce Reservoir sign

Being the largest reservoir in Singapore, the Upper Peirce Reservoir is best for the couple that loves lush greenery and spotting wildlife among it! Perfect for any time of the day, there is much to see and do there apart from taking a couple’s jog along the reservoir!

Upper Peirce Reservoir waterfront

If picnicking next to a tranquil water backdrop instead of a noisy airport, Upper Peirce Reservoir would be perfect for you. Who knows, you might be able to spot a bird swooping down to catch a fish in the reservoir while you are enjoying your picnic. Also, the reservoir is home to plenty of monkeys, so do be careful that they do not get too close and steal whatever you brought for the picnic.

Upper Peirce Reservoir rocks

For couples living that Instagram life, going to Upper Peirce Reservoir would be the perfect opportunity to update their feed with a bunch of nature shots. The scenery and open spaces are the special kind of backgrounds that is scarce in Singapore.

Unfortunately, due to the location, it’s going to be hard to find someone to help the two of you to take couple shots. So, selfie it up, and boyfriends, pony up and help your girl take those aesthetic shots!

Click here to find out more about Upper Pierce Reservoir!

Address: Along Old Upper Thomson Road

3) Mount Faber

mount faber(Photo Credit: Asian Journeys)

Who says Singapore doesn’t have a mountain? Well, Mount Faber is technically a hill, but we call it a mountain, so that’s that. For those who have never been up Mount Faber, it is best known for being the last stop for the Cable Cars linking Singapore and Sentosa.

faber peak cable car dining(Photo Credit: One Faber Group)

If you are rolling in the dough, you can have a 90-minutes, four course dinner on the Cable Car. This is a one-of-a-kind experience in Singapore, you and your partner having dinner alone, while taking in the night time view of the Southern part of Singapore and Sentosa.

If heights are not you and your partner's thing, or this is just too expensive for you, there are other dining options on Faber Peak that are just as romantic.

faber peak bell of happiness(Photo Credit: The Carrot Patch)

After dinner, you can take a walk in the Faber Peak’s garden of happy promises, which contains, among other things, the Bell of Happiness. Apparently, when visitors and newlyweds ring it together, they would be blessed with everlasting happiness, peace and harmony.

Address: Along Mount Faber Road

4) Woodlands Waterfront Park

Woodlands Waterfront Park

If the sea is your thing, forget East Coast Park, we have a better suggestion for the two of you, Woodlands Waterfront Park. Situated right at the tip of, as the name suggests, Woodlands, it is a park and jetty where you can see Johor Bahru (JB) clear as day, even at night.

If you get there before the sun sets, you could visit the huge playground, whose centrepiece is a two-storey high Sky Walk, an obstacle course consisting of mesh bridges which people can climb and cross. Hold each other’s hand tightly when it gets wobbly up here!

rasa istimewa Woodlands Waterfront Park barbecue set

The best time to walk out to the jetty is when the sun sets and JB lights up from across the Straits. Feeling hungry? There is a seafood restaurant right on the jetty that serves halal food and a delicious barbecue seafood set that consists of Stingray, Squid and Clams.

Address: 6A Admiralty Road West, Singapore 759956

5) Dempsey Hill

dempsey hill(Photo Credit: The Finder)

Formerly housing British Army Barracks, Dempsey Hill is now a lifestyle destination just off Orchard Road filled with plenty of retail and gourmet options. Even though it is just a few minutes’ drive away from the retail heart of Singapore, all the tranquil and untouched greenery makes the area a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

What makes Dempsey Hill great is that regardless of whether you are in the mood for art, gourmet shopping, dining, drinks or ice cream, you will feel right at home among the lush greenery and colonial bungalows. That’s also good news for those avid Instagram users, taking photos in front of these buildings, some of which date as far back as the 1860s.

Frank Food Market dempsey hill loewen gardens(Photo Credit: Market at Loewen Garden's Facebook Page)

Also, if you are planning to head down to Dempsey Hill for a late Valentine’s celebration on Saturday (16 Feb), there will be a Farmers’ Market going on there in the morning, from 9am to 1pm.

Taking place at Loewen Gardens, it is called the Frank Food Market, and it is one of the few farmers’ market in Singapore. Taking place on a monthly basis, the market will feature a wide variety of food and shopping that will cater to everyone! Click here to find out more about it!

Address: Dempsey Road

Do you have any other recommendations for romantic spots in Singapore for Valentine’s Day best accessed by car? Leave us a comment below! From all of us here at Motorist, we wish everyone, attached and single, an enjoyable Valentine’s Day!

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