Driver's Paradise: Seletar Aerospace Park

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Looking for a fun outing over the weekend? This week, we're featuring the Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park, a great outdoor spot for both children and adults alike.

Seletar Aerospace Park is located right next to Seletar Airport. The entire park is gigantic, the size of 320 football fields! It is mostly dedicated to aerospace manufacturers and researchers, but nestled away amid all the industrial buildings is The Oval, a secret paradise of trendy dining options, beautiful colonial bungalows, and aviation-themed play spaces for children. Read on to find out what this Driver's Paradise has to offer!

1. For Children
Take to the skies with this colourful aviation-themed playground!

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One of the most exciting things The Oval has for children is the recently built aviation-themed playground! The playground has a big space for kids to run around in, and a wide array of adorable airplane-style play structures that are sure to keep them entertained. Some interesting features include a mini-control tower with ladders and a slide. There is even a colourful airplane-shaped structures that kids can climb on board and slide down again and again! Any active child that loves running and climbing will be entertained for hours.

There's also plenty of things for younger children and toddlers to do. There are mini-climbing structures that your little one can clamber up safely, and downsized slides for them to come down again. And for some family time, there is a super-large Ludo board on the ground which brings your children's board game to life!

If you just feel like sitting and relaxing, no worries. There are airplane-shaped benches next to the playground where parents can take a rest while still keeping an eye on playing kids. This playground has something for everyone!

Picnic time with the family right next to an airport runway!
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The Oval, like any other park, is full of open grassy spaces for a nice family picnic. But what makes this park special is the spectacular runway view that you thought you could only get at Changi Airport's viewing gallery. Because The Oval is right next to Seletar Airport, you get a close-up view of their runway, where you can watch planes taking off (from behind the safety of a fence, of course). There's a grassy patch next to the runway, as well as some park tables and chairs, so you can have your family picnic while watching planes soar off into the sky.

Not long ago, a boardwalk was also installed along the runway, so you can have a relaxing walk to end off the day, and maybe even catch the sunset! It's a good way to cool down after some playground time, or to digest after dinner.

2. For Adults
Experience colonial history with black-and-white heritage bungalows!

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Seletar Aerospace Park once contained over 300 colonial bungalows from the 1920s, 32 of which will be set aside for conservation of heritage. They can be found around the Oval and the nearby Hyde Park Gate. These elegant bungalows are a great place to tour around and take in some history, and maybe even get some aesthetic photos. Some of these bungalows that aren't slated for conservation might be torn down soon, so take a look while you still can!

Pamper yourself with a vast selection of gourmet dining options!

If you like trendy, unique restaurants and bars, you've come to the right place. The Oval is not only a spot for outdoor family fun, but also a growing foodie area! There are many dining options around the area, featuring a wide array of food, from traditional Western brunches to authentic local Teochew cuisine. Come evening, you could also visit some of the bars for a relaxing drink to chill out at the end of the day. Most of the restaurants here are more upscale, gourmet-style businesses, so be prepared to spend a little more than usual.

But besides all the food and drink, the eateries at the Oval offer a special ambience for diners. A number of the restaurants are actually established in redeveloped colonial bungalows for a classy, olden-day feel, designed with a particular aesthetic theme, so you'll really be getting the full high-end dining experience. Great for an occasional treat or a special occasion!

3. Why The Oval@Seletar Aerospace Park?

From all the awesome activities we've listed, you can see that The Oval isn't just your average hangout. The aviation theme of the entire place is something interesting and fresh that you won't find in any other parks. There's a wide selection of activities for the whole family to choose from, whether it's a rich cultural tour of the heritage bungalows, a delicious gourmet meal at the themed restaurants, or just playtime for the kids and family bonding over a picnic. And of course, where else could you actually sit beside a runway and watch the planes while enjoying a natural outdoor atmosphere?

4. Where is it?

 Seletar Aerospace Park

Address: 3 Park Lane, Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 798387

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