Red-light cameras will also be able to detect speeding from Q2 2024

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In response to a jump in fatal accidents and road traffic deaths in 2023, the Traffic Police have announced several measures to further deter speeding and other driving offences.

From the second quarter of this year (2024), the Traffic Police (TP) will be enabling the speed enforcement function in red-light cameras across the island. They say this will be prioritised in accident-prone and violation-prone areas but will also be activated “dynamically” in response to changing behaviour on the ground.

There are currently 252 red-light cameras in operation across Singapore at select road junctions to capture vehicles that run red-lights. These cameras are painted bright orange with white stripes and have signs with the posted speed limit for the road. 

The locations of all enforcement cameras are posted on SPF's website, but you can also use the Co-Driver feature on the Motorist app to give you real-time warnings for traffic cameras while you drive.

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1710402613160 Img 9748 FotorA red-light camera (in orange-and-white) can now also detect speeding offences at the traffic junction.

Annual statistics released by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on 20 February 2024 showed a decrease in violations detected by traffic enforcement cameras, while the number of fatal traffic accidents increased significantly. 

SPF noted that the statistics suggest motorists flout the rules of the road when they think the area is unenforced, leading to the tighter enforcement strategies that are now being rolled out.

TP also announced in a statement that they will be raising the demerit points for some offences to deter and curb other driving offences. 

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