Motorist Co-Driver FAQ: How to Activate? How to Use?

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In this FAQ, we will guide you on how to use and activate Co-Driver on the Motorist App. With Co-Driver, you can avoid getting speeding tickets and falling into speed traps.

Available exclusively on the Motorist App, Co-Driver is a dedicated driving companion that sends you real-time audio alerts when approaching Police enforcement camera zones.

What is Co-Driver?

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Co-Driver is an audio integration feature that’s made to encourage safer driving among Singaporeans by discouraging reckless driving acts such as speeding. Drivers will be able to receive real-time audio alerts on the locations of the different types of traffic cameras planted across Singapore with data contributed by the Traffic Police.

Co-Driver is the only app in Singapore that provides you with alerts for Police Speed Laser Camera (PSLC), in addition to speed and red light cameras.

Besides traffic cameras, Co-Driver will also notify you when bus-lane hours are in operation.

What Alerts Will You Receive With Co-Driver?

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Co-Driver incorporates data from the Traffic Police on the locations of speed and red-light cameras. It will provide real-time alerts as well as reminders to drive safely and courteously while on the road. If you are subscribed to our Premium Membership, the basic functionality remains the same but you will receive an array of additional benefits such as alerts for accidents, floods, and/or road closures. For more details, check out our article on Motorist Premium here.

You will even be able to select four different voice settings! There is the default English (Male) and English (Female). If you prefer something local, there is the Singlish (Male) and Singlish (Female) voice pack as well.

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How To Use Co-Driver?

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to activate Co-Driver on the Motorist App.

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  1. Download the Motorist App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Open the Motorist App and sign up with either your email or Facebook.

  3. Once done, open the App Dashboard and look for the Co-Driver icon. The Co-Driver feature should be seen (see below).
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  4. After tapping on the Co-Driver feature, click the Setting icon to select which alerts you would like to receive and press Activate
  5. Please set Location Permission to “Always”, and allow the Motorist App to Access Motion & Fitness for iOS or Physical Activity for Android devices. Please also allow the Motorist App to send Notifications to you.

    iOS Settings

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    Android Settings
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  6. With Co-Driver now set up, you will receive audio alerts from the Motorist App as you are driving on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I increase the volume of the Co-Driver audio alerts?

In the Co-Driver page, under the Settings tab, you are able to select the alert volume between Low, Normal and High. Please also check your smartphone's volume slider.

I only receive notifications from Co-Driver. There is no sound or audio alerts.

Please ensure that your phone is not set to Silent or Do Not Disturb mode and check your Co-Driver volume settings in order to receive audio notifications from the Motorist App. Do note that this only applies to iOS users, Android users can now receive voice alerts even if the user's device is set to silent mode.

What is the distance between the camera and my car when I receive the alerts?

The alerts are delivered when your car is 200 metres away from the camera.

Will I need to leave the Motorist App open for Co-Driver to work?

Nope! Once activated, Co-Driver will run automatically in your phone's background. It will also auto-detect when your vehicle is stationary.

Is Co-Driver supported on CarPlay or Android Auto?

Unfortunately, Co-Driver is not supported on CarPlay so please disconnect your phone from CarPlay in order to continue receiving audio alerts. Co-Driver is however, supported by Android Auto. Bluetooth pairing is also supported on Android devices. When saved paired devices are present, Co-Driver will activate solely upon connecting to them, not upon detection of driving behaviour.

Do I need to activate Co-Driver every time I drive?

Co-Driver only needs to be activated once, and it doesn't need to be manually deactivated as it will automatically detect when your car is no longer moving. In case the Auto Mode is not working, click the Manual Start Function to activate Co-Driver.

The Motorist App and Co-Driver appears to be draining my battery. How can I fix this?

Please download the latest version of the Motorist App. This issue has been fixed in the latest App version.

The Co-Driver feature on the Motorist App stopped working.

If Co-Driver stops working on your iOS/Android device, please reopen the Motorist App. If it still does not work, please Deactivate and Reactivate the Co-Driver feature.

For Android users, if Co-Driver still does not work, it could be your Battery Saving settings. You can fix this problem with this guide.

We hope you have found this FAQ useful. If you have any further questions or concerns about Co-Driver, please feel free to approach Mel via the Chat function on the Motorist App. She's always ready to lend a helping hand.

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