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almost 8 years ago

I want to use to sell my car. What is the transaction process between me and and me and the car dealer?

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You can send in your enquiry via You only need to fill up your name, contact number and vehicle number. It is that simple and takes just one minute! has a network of LTA-certified dealers, who will bid for your vehicle in the next 24 hours. Our friendly sales consultant will then contact you and update you on the highest offers from our network.

If you are happy with the offer, we will proceed to set up an appointment for you and our dealer. Our dealers can go down to your preferred location at your convenience to view your vehicle. If you are keen to accept the final offer, you will be given a deposit after signing the purchase agreement. They will also help you with your outstanding loan settlement and the required LTA documentations.

It's convenient, hassle-free and we have transactions that were completed as quickly as within 48 hours!


almost 8 years ago