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How do I apply for a transfer of vehicle?

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Xin Yi

To apply a transfer of vehicle, you will need to :

Step 1: The current registered owner and the buyer must complete a transfer of vehicle application form (Form M01) and submit it together with the documents listed in the checklist for transfer of vehicle. To avoid delay, please arrange with the bank or finance company to discharge the loan on the vehicle before applying for the transfer of vehicle.

Step 2: Pay the following fees:

• Transfer Fee: $11 (For transfer of vehicle registration effected on or after 18 February 2012)

• Additional Levy: Vehicles registered using COE from Category A and Category B are only allowed to apply for a transfer of vehicle after the first three months from the date of registration. An additional levy (AL) on top of the current transfer fees is payable for transfers made within the next 3 months following the 3-month ban; the additional levy is the positive difference between the quota premium of the relevant car quota category at the point of transfer and the quota premium paid for the registration of the car.

Source: LTA


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