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over 6 years ago

My vehicle has been auto-deregistered due to COE expiry (for example, upon reaching statutory lifespan, 3-year consecutive lay up or 12-month non-payment of road tax, etc). How do I claim the PARF/COE rebate(s)?

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Once a vehicle has been auto-deregistered, you are required to submit satisfactory proof of disposal of the vehicle to LTA within 1 month from the date of de-registration of the vehicle. You may send your vehicle for scrap at an authorized scrapyard or export it out of Singapore. Proof of export such as Cargo Clearance Permit, Bill of Lading etc must be produced.

If your vehicle is under financing, you are advised to quickly settle the financing with your finance company. You may apply for encashment of the rebate(s) only when all outstanding matters, e.g. road tax arrears, etc on the vehicle has been settled with LTA, and documents showing proper disposal of the vehicle has been submitted to the satisfaction of LTA.



over 6 years ago