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Need i make a police report for minor accidents

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Amanda Sim

Hi Ashly!

In the case of a minor accident whereby it does not involve any injuries or damage to any government property.

1. Stop your vehicle immediately.

Turn on the hazard lights and stop your vehicle immediately. Exit your vehicle and take pictures of the vehicles involving all parties to gather evidence. Do make sure to complete this before there is any movement by the vehicles.

2. Move your vehicle to a safe location

To prevent blocking the traffic flow, do move your vehicle to the side of the road.

3. Exchange contact information

Collect all contact details and information from all parties that are involved. Here is a list of information you should take down:

- Name

- NRIC (Last 4 Digits)

- Address

- Contact no.

- Carplate no.

- Name of Insurance Company

Do take down the name and contact details of any eyewitnesses around, the exact date, time, and location of the accident.

4. Make an official report

It is recommended to lodge an official report to your Motor Insurance Company regardless of whether you intend to do a claim or not.


over 3 years ago