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over 7 years ago

How do I make payment for renewal of COE?

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The application to renew the COE must be received by LTA within one month after the expiration of the current COE. You can pay by these methods:

1. By Internet

2. By Post

3. At the LTA Customer Service Centre

On or before the COE Expiry Date:

You can pay by cheque, cash or cashier's order. You can also pay by Diners Club Card or NETS if it's within the daily transaction limit that's set by the bank. However, if you choose to pay by cheque, do note that the COE will only be renewed on the date of the clearance of the cheque.

After COE Expiry (Within 1 month from the expiry date of the COE):

After the COE has expired, you can only pay by cash, cashier's order or NETS. You'll also need to cover late payment fees.



over 7 years ago

Florina Teh
If the COE expiry date is 6/4/24 and we pay by cheque in early March is there any late payment penalty?

5 months ago