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almost 5 years ago

How do I renew my COE with cash?

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Hi Bing Xiang, thanks for your message. Here are the steps that you need to take:

1. Prepare the cash/cashier's order/cheque for the PQP amount

2. Head down to LTA office @ 10 Sin Ming Drive

3. Fill up the ‘Q02’ form (taken from LTA Customer Service Counter). You may renew your COE one day before it expires if payment is made by cash or cashier’s order.

If you intend to pay by cheque, you will need to renew your COE one week in advance as LTA will wait for the cheque to clear before processing your application.

Alternatively, you may also renew your COE online via However, only eNets payments are accepted.

Kindly note, you will need to renew your motor insurance first if your road tax is expiring on the same day as your motor insurance.


almost 5 years ago