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almost 4 years ago

Just bought a car with the VEP RFID tag installed still under previous owner. What shall i do next please?

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Andrew Wang

Under VEP FAQ, do check with the previous owner, if need be write in to VEP office.

The VEP RFID Tag is unique for each vehicle and it is not transferrable.

When the ownership of a vehicle is transferred to another entity, the validity of the VEP RFID tag automatically ceases.

If you are the previous owner of the vehicle (transferor), you are responsible for updating the vehicle ownership status. Failure to do so, and you shall bear the risk of being fined for any offence that might be committed by the new owner.

If you are the new owner of the vehicle (transferee), it is your responsibility to apply for a new VEP and to ensure that the previous owner has updated the vehicle ownership status.


almost 4 years ago