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Do we have to cancel VEP if we sell a car which is registered?

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Roger Pak

Yes i just sold my car as it is due to be scraped by End March - Here is the official reply from VEP Support -

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your email.

Please be informed, the VEP Tag is unique for each vehicle and it is not


Peel-off the VEP RFID tag before sold/scrapped your vehicle is


You are required to do the deregistration at the counter.

If you have not retain the same vehicle registration number.

You are required to register your new vehicle by click 'Register a new

vehicle' button.

Then, you may book the appointment and collect the VEP RFID tag


During the collection, you may request at the counter for the

previous/unused vehicle to be removed from your ownership in the VEP


But, if you retain the same vehicle registration number.

You may walk in to the counter to do the deregistration process.

These are the mandatory documents your are required to bring along.

Please prepare hardcopies of all the mandatory documents listed below:

- NRIC and Passport copy

- Notice of Transfer Ownership Issued by LTA

After complete the de-registration, you may do the registration for your

new vehicle via online and book the appointment to collect your VEP RFID

tag for the new vehicle.

However, any replacement, deactivation or installation of new VEP RFID

tag will only be available at a later date.

Ministry of Transport, Malaysia will announce once the counter are

opened for operation or may visit our VEP Portal frequently for new


We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your

understanding on this matter.

Thank you.


VEP Support Team


about 2 years ago


The answer is not good and clear.

First of all, if both previous & new owners do not perform any update and registration, how would the system detect/know that there is a transfer of ownership? How would the VEP RFID be void/cease?

Next, how can previous owner update the ownership status/profile in VEP portal? To update ownership, probably new owner info must be provided. But in case you are selling car to used-car dealer, it is a company. you won't have new owner's details to update it.

Furthermore, how to de-link the TnG card with VEP tag? Otherwise, if new owner continue to drive thru CIQ gantry, the charge will automatically link to previous owner's TnG card?


over 2 years ago

Mervin Soh
Yes, the VEP is tagged to the car and is not transferrable. When the vehicle is sold, I believe the validity of the VEP RFID would automatically cease. If you are the owner of the vehicle that is being transferred, you must update the ownership status of your vehicle. If you are the new owner, you should apply for a new VEP and ensure the ownership of the vehicle is updated by the previous owner.

over 3 years ago