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What is a lemon law?

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Lemon Law was imposed to protect consumers against defective goods. It strengthens upon the existing Consumer Protection and Hire Purchase Acts and helps consumers to receive a standardised solution when they have unintentionally bought a defective product colloquially known as 'lemons'.

The new Lemon Law provides a transparent and legal framework for both buyers and sellers when faced with return claims. Under the law, consumers can report a defective item within a period of six months from delivery. Under a two-stage recourse framework, the retailer has an obligation to prove that the reported defect did not exist at time of delivery.

For the first stage, the consumer can request repair for reported problem or parts replacement within a specified time frame. The second stage takes effect if the fault is not fixable, the problem persists even after repair or the repair is not satisfactory. In this scenario, you can request for a price reduction - while keeping the product or returning for a full refund.

In summary, Lemon Law benefits consumers who have unintentionally bought a defective or 'lemon' product including second hand cars, and would like a repair, refund or replacement from the seller.


over 7 years ago