The MINI Clubman Jermyn Edition Now Available in Singapore for S$189,888

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The All New Mini Clubman Jerymn Edition Available For 189 8887 Featured(Photo Credit: MINI Singapore)

MINI Asia and Eurokars Habitat has unveiled the MINI Clubman Jermyn Edition. It is now available in Singapore exclusively in the Cooper S variant for S$189,888.

The MINI Clubman Jermyn Edition is a limited-edition version of the marque's most suave and urbane model. It is inspired by Jermyn Street in London, which is the spiritual for refined British menswear.

Mr Kidd Yam, Head of MINI Asia, stated, “...the MINI Clubman Jermyn Edition brings the sophistication of the MINI Clubman to the next level. It is a perfect fit for those who value refinement, possess savoir faire, and seek to live their life with authenticity and passion.”


The All New Mini Clubman Jerymn Edition Available For 189 8886(Photo Credit: MINI Singapore)

MINI Clubman Jermyn Edition comes in three different colors: MINI Yours Enigmatic Black, Pepper White, and Rooftop Grey. It has a one-of-a-kind Herringbone decal in a single thick racing stripe on the bonnet that perfectly aligns with the red 'S' badge that distinguishes the Cooper S variant.

The All New Mini Clubman Jerymn Edition Available For 189 8883(Photo Credit: MINI Singapore)

The herringbone design is etched into the front door sill plates as well, and when the doors are opened, the text 'JERMYN EDITION' is illuminated.

The All New Mini Clubman Jerymn Edition Available For 189 8881(Photo Credit: MINI Singapore)

The 18-inch MINI Yours British Spoke 2-tone wheels with runflat tyres and the Union Jack design on the hub caps are other standout features of the MINI Clubman Jermyn Edition.

This whimsically British touch complements the LED rear lights, which feature an abstracted pattern of the Union Jack flag.

Operating and Infotainment System

The All New Mini Clubman Jerymn Edition Available For 189 8885(Photo Credit: MINI Singapore)

The MINI Clubman's touchscreen display features a new graphics display as well as options for selecting and controlling vehicle functions, audio system, hands-free telephone system, navigation, and apps.

Swiping the touchscreen brings up the desired menu items, which are displayed as "live widgets". The screen display, which features symbols and white text on new colour backgrounds, has a particularly high-quality and modern appearance.

There are two color schemes available for the central instrument display and the digital cockpit display. These can be accessed via the control system menu.

The color scheme is also linked to the various MINI Driving Modes.

The All New Mini Clubman Jerymn Edition Available For 189 8884(Photo Credit: MINI Singapore)

The content displayed in "Lounge" mode is in a soothing colour scheme ranging from turquoise to petrol blue. In "Sport" mode, the screen backgrounds are red and anthracite.

The MINI Clubman Jermyn Edition also comes with a 4G SIM card for the Intelligent Emergency Call function, which includes automatic detection of the vehicle's location and the severity of the accident.

Drivers can use the MINI navigation system with Real Time Traffic Information with the Connected Navigation package. Wireless Apple CarPlay is also available for drivers to stay connected while on the road, including wireless charging to keep their smartphones juiced.


The All New Mini Clubman Jerymn Edition Available For 189 888 7(Photo Credit: MINI Singapore)

The MINI Clubman Jermyn Edition is exclusively available in the Cooper S trim. Its four-cylinder 1,998cc petrol engine produces 178hp and propels the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds.

As standard, the car comes equipped with a 7-speed Steptronic sports transmission with double clutch. It also has continuously optimized emission control technology, including a petrol engine particulate filter.


The All New Mini Clubman Jerymn Edition Available For 189 888 8(Photo Credit: MINI Singapore)

The Driving Assistant package includes a camera-based system that recognises and reports speed limits. Collision and pedestrian warning systems, as well as city braking, make it easier to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

The Parking Assistant makes finding and using parking spaces as easy as possible. A camera detects oncoming traffic and preceding vehicles, and automatic switching to dimmed headlights prevents other drivers from being inconvenienced.

Specifications and Pricing

MINI Clubman Jermyn Edition - S$189,888

Four-cylinder petrol engine with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbocharging, direct injection, VALVETRONIC), 7-speed Steptronic Sport transmission with double clutch.

Capacity: 1,998 cc.
Max Output: 178 hp at 5,000-6,000 rpm.
Max Torque: 280 Nm at 1,350-4,200 rpm.
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 7.2 seconds.
Top Speed: 228 km/h.
Average Fuel Consumption: 5.8 L/100 km.
CO2 Emissions: 134 g/km.

For more information, visit the MINI Singapore Showroom.

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