5 Wonderful Reasons Why You Should Join A Car Group

Published by on . Updated on 7 Jul 2021

5 Reasons To Join A A Car Group  3 (Photo Credit: @jerald_graphy @seekclubsg)

Motorist recently launched its new Car Group Chat feature on the Motorist App. Here are 5 wonderful reasons you should join one!

Car groups are composed of people who share a common interest in automobiles or a love for a particular car make or model.

In Singapore, car groups are often composed of members who own similar vehicles. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, these groups would hold meetups or ‘roundings’ to not only show off their rides but also build stronger bonds amongst members.

Besides sharing a common love for cars, car groups are also a great resource for information and sharing. If you are sceptical about joining one, here are five reasons that should change your mind.

Make New Friends

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The main highlight of any community, let alone a car group, is allowing individuals to interact and socialise with members with similar interests. After all, it is easier to bond with people when you have something in common.

This is made easy with our Car Group Chat feature, as every group member is likely to own the same car as you! In fact, you might even be able to find lifelong friends within your group as they probably share the same interests as you!


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If you're new to a certain make of vehicle, or even unsure of your current one, a car group can be a great resource to learn more about your ride. Similarly, if you are more knowledgeable about a car, you can share useful information with fellow members of the group.

In our Car Group, you can tip or get tips from fellow members if you receive or share useful information. These tips will be accumulated in a Leaderboard, which allows members to earn special admin privileges. These privileges are only given to valuable members within their respective groups.

Motorist Car Group 1
Special Discounts and Group Buys

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When a car group becomes well-known in the community, local businesses may offer discounts in exchange for the group's patronage. This is true for neighbourhood diners, insurance companies, workshops and even detailers. Therefore, joining a car group is beneficial if you want to enjoy these discounts as well.

Similarly, car groups may also enjoy discounts from group buys. For instance, you’re looking to purchase an aftermarket product or a car accessory that other car group members are also interested in buying.

By organising a group buy, the product can be purchased in bulk and the shop might offer a group discount by lowering the cost price of the product.

Flex Your Ride

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In today’s language, it is to “flex” your car. From showing off your (approved) modifications to your newly installed body kit, car enthusiasts are a great crowd to share your passion with. In fact, most car groups do organise photoshoots, allowing you to frame up your beloved ride for years to come.

A safe haven of honesty and sharing of passion are two big reasons why car groups are wonderful to be a part of.

Community Engagement

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Apart from the love of cars, car groups in Singapore do like to engage and give back to the community. Some local car groups are known to collaborate with local businesses and charities by doing voluntary work, food drives or donations to the needy or elderly.

If you are looking to perform charity work with like-minded individuals, a car group might be a good place to look for such opportunities.

Motorist Car Group Chats

Car Group Chat

With our latest feature on the Motorist App, we want to connect car owners in Singapore with each other by creating car groups within our ecosystem.

Be it a Nissan Qashqai, Lexus NX or Kia Sorento, there is a car group for almost every make and model in Singapore. If your car group has not been created, you can suggest one and we will make it happen!

We hope to revive the automotive community in Singapore back to its glory days by providing car owners with a safe and convenient channel to hold discussions.

Feel free to share tips, photos, videos, experiences and anything under your car’s hood with one another.

Motorist Car Group 2

You can also improve your reputation in the community by climbing the group's Leaderboard by collecting tips from other members. As mention before, you will enjoy special admin privileges from us! (Details will be announced at a later date)

We hope you will benefit from our Car Group feature and we look forward to further develop the automotive scene in Singapore.

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