VTEC Won't Kick In? Honda to Shut Down Factory Producing VTEC Valves

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Vtec Won T Kick In Yo  Motorist Honda To Shut Down Factory Producing Vtec Valves June 2021 Featured
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How will Hector continue to run three Civics with Spoon engines? Tochigi Powertrain Unit Factory that produces precision high performance Honda parts to shut down by 2025.

In what will be saddening news to the #VTECgang, Honda Motor Co. has announced that it will permanently shut down its Tochigi Powertrain Unit Factory in 2025, so as to improve efficiency through factory consolidation.

The closure is part of Honda's ongoing efforts to restructure its vehicle manufacturing operations.

The shutdown of the Powertrain Unit Factory is linked to a move by automakers to cut back on engine development as electric vehicles become the key focus.

Honda has also announced that it aims to sell only electrified vehicles globally by 2040. It seems like truly, the days of 9,000rpm VTEC fun are moving closer and closer into the pages of history books.

Vtec Won T Kick In Yo  Motorist Honda To Shut Down Factory Producing Vtec Valves June 2021
(Photo Credit: Honda)

The Tochigi Powertrain Unit Factory manufactures components vital to Honda's high performance, high quality automobiles, supplying Honda's factories domestically and globally.

The factory was essential in producing the precise valvetrain components used in VTEC engines since the debut of the 1989 Honda Integra.

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