Revealed: All-New Fifth Generation Kia Sportage

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Motorist Revealed All New Fifth Generation Kia Sportage June 2021 Featured
(Photo Credit: Kia)

Kia teases images of the new Sportage's design, but is still keeping mum on what powertrain options are available.

Kia has just revealed official images of the all-new Sportage, which has been sculpted based on Kia's new "Opposites United" design philosophy. The philosophy is intended to embody the natural world and create a design identity that takes a daring, emotional, modern but organic form.

Motorist Revealed All New Fifth Generation Kia Sportage June 2021
(Photo Credit: Kia)

Not much more details about the all-new Sportage's dimensions or powertrain options are available for now, but we can already tell that the design is definitely a major departure from the current model.

Similarly, the interior is also significantly different, featuring a sculpted integrated curved display with a slim crush touchscreen pad and finely detailed air vents as the nucleus of the all-new Sportage’s cabin.

Motorist Revealed All New Fifth Generation Kia Sportage Interior June 2021
(Photo Credit: Kia)

Kia is also keen to point out that it has created the all-new Sportage with the aim of moving it to a different level of the SUV class, and the detailed-oriented cabin with its beautifully detailed interior and first-class materials is proof of having achieved those goals and set new benchmarks.

Motorist Revealed All New Fifth Generation Kia Sportage Conclusion June 2021
(Photo Credit: Kia)

The all-new Sportage will be due for global market launch later this year, and more details are set to be released in due course.

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