A Singaporean Driver’s Checklist to Car-Sharing with Tribecar

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A Singaporeans Guide To Car Sharing With Tribecar Featured

Need a car at a moment’s notice? Only intend to drive it for about an hour? Well, car-sharing with Tribecar might be an option for you.

Car-sharing allows anyone to drive for a short period of time without needing to spend a bomb. From running errands to road trips, car-sharing is the new alternative way to travel. You can rent a car for as short as 1 hour to as long as you want! So, why spend a bomb owning a car when you can car-share instead?

Car-sharing Vs Car Rental

A Singaporeans Guide To Car Sharing With Tribecar 1

The table above summarises the differences between car rental and car-sharing. Though both concepts are similar, car-sharing is far more convenient. It allows you to book your desired car anytime, anywhere. This includes last-minute bookings, public holidays or last-minute errands and unforeseen emergencies.

A Singaporeans Guide To Car Sharing With Tribecar 2

Now picture this: Your girlfriend calls you at 12 AM, craving for her favourite prata. But, all public transport to that store has stopped. You book a car, pick her up, drive to the prata store, have your prata and drive her home before returning the car. All for less than $10. What a catch, right?

But now you’re wondering, “who handles the maintenance and upkeep of the cars? Is the car safe or clean to drive?” Car-sharing companies, like Tribecar, perform servicing and maintenance of their fleet frequently. This is to ensure the safety of all users and to ensure comfort for all their car users. At the end of the day, the cleanliness of the vehicle relies on the community to make the self-service work.

To ensure a pleasant car-sharing experience, users are required to be socially responsible, which means keeping the car clean for the next person and refuelling the fuel tank to the required level. Car-sharing is a communal effort to ensure that the vehicles are well maintained and cared for.

Car-Sharing checklist of things to take note of

Now that we’ve got the differences between car rental and car-sharing out of the way. Let’s dive into the checklist to start your car-sharing journey.

We will be using Tribecar as an example, as it offers the lowest car-sharing rates in Singapore. Tribecar also provides the greatest flexibility in the rental; it has vehicles of all types for every driver, including beginner and commercial drivers. Users will also enjoy no mileage charge, but more on that later.

Eligibility Requirements

A Singaporeans Guide To Car Sharing With Tribecar 3

These are the eligibility requirements set by Tribecar:

● Singaporean/Permanent Resident Citizenship

● Age limit (18 to 65 years old)

● Valid Singapore Driving Licence (including new drivers with less than 2 years of driving experience and/or is younger than 23 years old)

● Less than 12 points under Traffic Police’s Driver’s Improvement Point System (DIPS)

Drivers who are still under their one-year probationary period can also engage Tribecar. In fact, Tribecar is currently Singapore’s most p-plate friendly car-sharing platform. Many other car-sharing companies do not allow new drivers to use their services

However, they are subjected to a mandatory surcharge of 30% on their booking amount.


A Singaporeans Guide To Car Sharing With Tribecar 5

Most car-sharing companies require a security deposit when you sign-up for the service. Here’s a summary of how it works:

Type of deposit

Security deposit

Amount held for Singaporeans/PRs


When is the amount held?

During the registration for the account

How long is the amount held?

The $100 deposit will be held until you decide to terminate the account. The deposit is refunded after termination.

In the case of Tribecar, it requires a refundable deposit amount of $100 for Singaporeans/PRs. However, if you are a new driver, a $200 deposit is required instead of the usual $100. In contrast, foreigners with a local or international licence will be $1,000.

Pick-up/Return Location

Motorist Tribecar Car Sharing

One benefit car-sharing has over car rental is convenience. Tribecar has over 530 pick-up locations across the country, most just minutes away from MRT stations, homes and offices.

Additionally, picking up a car can’t be any easier; unlock the car with your smartphone, and you are good to go. Upon returning, lock the car via your smartphone and you are done. It's that simple.

We tried booking a car around our office location in Ubi, and it showed that there were 8 vehicles within a 5 minutes walking distance. How’s that for convenience?

Vehicle Types and Rates

A Singaporeans Guide To Car Sharing With Tribecar 12

Unlike car rental, car-sharing exposes users to a wide range of choices.

With over 700 vehicles in their fleet, Tribecar provides a range of vehicle classes to match your utilisation needs, starting at only $0.54 per hour (lowest in the market).

With its array of choices, users can choose between a super economy car for a short errand, a standard MPV for a family trip or even a premium MPV to impress a date.

A Singaporeans Guide To Car Sharing With Tribeca 7

Here’s a tip: Book a vehicle that will sufficiently fulfil your needs - book an economy sedan, instead of a premium sedan to run an errand. Choosing the right vehicle will help you keep the cost low.

We highly recommend booking a vehicle from their Super Economy category. Vehicles under this category will give you the most bang for your buck.

No Mileage Charge

A Singaporeans Guide To Car Sharing With Tribecar 11

Some car-sharing operators charge $0.30-0.40 for every kilometre the car is driven beyond the distance permitted in the lease or rental agreement.

Tribecar, on the other hand, does not impose a mileage fee on its users. Instead, users are only required to pay for the numbers of hours that they drive. If you’ve done your math, you’ll actually realise that paying for mileage is more costly than paying for petrol.

Here’s a table that compares the petrol fees for a hybrid car (Toyota Prius) vs a mileage fee of $0.40 per km.

Toyota Aqua

(estimated fuel efficiency of 16km/l)

Petrol: ESSO 95 $2.36/litre

Mileage Fee ($0.40/km)

Fees for 100km



Remember, not all car-sharing operators offer no mileage fees. Remember to read the terms and conditions before partaking on a road trip around the island. As you can tell, the additional cost of the mileage fee is nearly 3 times the amount you would pay for petrol. With no mileage fees included in the total cost of rent, you will be able to stretch your dollar to the fullest.

Terms & Conditions

A Singaporeans Guide To Car Sharing With Tribecar 8

Here are some terms & conditions of car-sharing that one has to be familiar with:

Firstly, vehicles have to be returned on time. Otherwise, a late charge will be added to your booking fee.

Secondly, penalty fees will be imposed by Tribecar if users are discovered to breach the rental agreement’s terms and conditions. Besides numerous complications, the user may have to pay additional penalties or have their accounts terminated.

Since many community members share the cars on all sharing platforms, we strongly encourage our readers to take photos of the car before and after usage to avoid dispute.

Do read up on the full terms and conditions on their website beforehand.

Remember always to exercise due diligence by reading up on the additional charges and terms and conditions before committing to a booking. This would save you time, money, and the hassle should something unfortunate occur.

Lastly, here are some Dos & Don’ts when engaging in car-sharing services like Tribecar.


● Do take photos of the 4 sides of the car and the interior.

● Do practise civic responsibility by keeping the car clean and clearing your belongings after your booking ends.

● Do refill petrol to the appropriate level as determined in the Terms and Conditions.

● Do return the car to the parking lot indicated in your booking information before your booking duration ends.

● Do follow proper traffic rules and obey the speed limit.

● Do inform the service provider if the car breaks down.

● Do take a photo of the fuel level before you end your trip!


● Don’t neglect existing traffic rules.

● Don’t leave the car with your trash in it.

● Don’t let anyone else drive the car unless they are a named additional driver.

● Don’t smoke in the car.

● Don’t transport pets in the car.


A Singaporeans Guide To Car Sharing With Tribecar 10

We hope this article has helped you feel more confident and comfortable in using car-sharing services. Car-sharing is a viable option if you want to enjoy the advantages of driving without worrying about the financial obligations that come with car ownership.

If you intend to start your car-sharing journey soon, Tribecar offers the flexibility, convenience and affordability that no other car-sharing operators can provide.

A Singaporeans Guide To Car Sharing With Tribecar 11

With over 700 vehicles in their fleet, Tribecar’s vehicles are conveniently parked at 530 different locations around Singapore. Most of which are located in the heartlands.

Tribecar also offers the lowest car-sharing fees in Singapore, with rates as low as $0.54 per hour. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about paying for mileage.

Unlike other car-sharing operators, Tribecar operates on a pay-as-you-use basis, without any hidden costs. You won’t have to pay for any membership or sign up fees either. Simply put down a refundable security deposit and top up your e-wallet to make your bookings.

To find out more about Tribecar and what it offers, click here!

This post is sponsored by Tribecar.

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