BMW Has Unveiled the New iX in Two Variants: xDrive40 and xDrive50

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The New Bmw I X X Drive40 And New X Drive50
(Photo Credit: BMWGroup)

BMW has unveiled its new iX Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). Here is what you will need to know about the two model variants; xDrive40i and xDrive50i.

From the quirky i3 hatchback to the sporty i8, BMW has finally expanded its EV range with the new iX. A practical all-rounder electric vehicle built for off-roading with ample space for practicality. It will also be the firm's most environmentally-friendly SAV to date.


The New Bmw I X X Drive40 And X Drive50 6
(Photo Credit: BMWGroup)

The new vertical kidney grille looks good on this SAV, combined with the narrowest LED headlights at the sides, giving it a three-dimensional effect altogether. There are clean-cut lines drawn from the front to the rear end, giving the body structure an elegant and bolder look.

The New Bmw I X X Drive40 And X Drive50 9
(Photo Credit: BMWGroup)

The designers have given the rear a modern and minimalist design that exudes a robust stature and width of the BMW iX. As a result, BMW says that all of the design elements help to improve the car's aerodynamic structure with a drag coefficient of 0.25.

Interior and Features

P90407440 High Res The First Ever Bmw I
(Photo Credit: BMWGroup)

The interior sports the BMW's latest iDrive system; you'll find both 12.3-inch information and 14.9-inch control displays merge into a single unit, which is design to engage drivers in an emotional and personalised way.

BMW promises drivers a more excellent user experience; the system features BMW ID, “Great Entrance Moments”, 5G mobile technology, and greater flexibility for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

There are also three interior modes to choose from, Efficient, Sport and Personal. Efficient Mode creates a relaxing ambience, while Sport Mode makes the interior livelier with Thrilling Orange ambient lighting. Lastly, drivers can customise their lightings and display layouts in Personal Mode.


The New Bmw I X X Drive40 And X Drive50 11
(Photo Credit: BMWGroup)

It is still undergoing final testing in Germany, so the details of torque and local pricing remains a clue. One thing for sure, there will be two variants available at launch, each powered by an all-wheel-drive system and is capable of taking on a century sprint in under 5 seconds.

It only takes ten minutes of charging to allow both variants to drive up to a range of 120km. They are capable of reaching total charge capacity in under 40 minutes, thanks to their high-voltage battery system.

Sustainable Materials Used For The iX

The New Bmw I X X Drive40 And X Drive50 3
(Photo Credit: BMWGroup)

As far as sustainability goes, the new electric motors eliminated the use of rare-earth materials. BMW procured the batteries' cobalt and lithium from "controlled" sources - Australia and Morocco, before supplying them to the battery cell manufacturers.

The other parts of the car are built with 50% aluminium, and 60kg of recycled plastic. You'll find sustainable materials such as leather tanned with olive leaf extracts and sustainable wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The seats, doors and centre console surfaces are wrapped in "Dinamica microfibre" with 50% recycled polyester, while the floor coverings and mats are made from recovered fishing nets.

The new BMW iX is expected to make landfall in Singapore by year-end; you can now register to show your interests on BMW Singapore's website. Let us know in the comments below if this is your choice of an electric vehicle.

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