10 Christmas Gifts Under S$100 for Car Lovers

Published by on . Updated on 16 Dec 2020

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(Photo Credits: Pexels)

It’s finally the season to be jolly again! We are excited to share our Christmas gift guide for car lovers. These gifts are easy on the wallet and are all priced below $100.

It’s a myth that purchasing automotive-related products can be expensive. In fact, there are reasonably priced ones out there too. After hours of browsing online, we have compiled these gifts that are sure to surprise your motorhead friends and loved ones.

1. UNIQLO UT Collection - The Brands Cars, $14.90

Uniqlo Ut Collection Cars Brands
(Photo Credits: UNIQLO)

Let’s start our list with something reasonable! As part of its 'The Brands Car' line for its UT Collection, UNIQLO has worked closely with established car brands such as Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen and BMW. Each t-shirt comes printed with an iconic car from the past, telling a unique story from their respective histories. These t-shirts will definitely suit the taste of those who frequently shop at UNIQLO.

2. Bullsone Grasse Diffuser Vent Clip – $19.90

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(Photo Credits: Carstom)

The Bullsone Grasse Diffuser is the perfect Christmas gift for those who have a scent obsession. Available in three different scents (Cool Aqua, Grapefruit & Peony, and Blackberry & Cherry), it can be used to freshen up the car, home or office.
3. Mercedes Silver Arrows Baseball PUMA Cap – $23.40

Mercedes Silver Arrows Baseball Cap
(Photo Credits: PUMASG)

If you know a racing fan who strikes a topic about sporting fashion wear, a big name that comes to their mind is PUMA. The brand has been synonymous with the motorsport fraternity with PUMA sponsoring Formula 1 (F1) teams since the early 2000s.

This gorgeous Mercedes Silver Arrows Baseball Cap would look good on anyone who is a fan of the recently crowned 7-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton. Fans will be rising to the winning occasion!

4. Ferrari Puma Backpack - $35.40

Ferrari Backpack
(Photo Credits: PUMA SG)

The Ferrari emblem is a head-turner and is as attractive as it gets. The motorsport-inspired design for this bag is outstanding, thanks to its bold colours and sleek styling. Ferrari lovers will be excited to gain attention from others while carrying it along on their daily commute.

5. Audi Mug -$38.52

Audi Mug
(Photo Credits: LAZADA)

If you happen to know of a fan of all things Quattro, and who needs to get their daily coffee fix, this might just be what you've been looking for. The mug is 100% porcelain with a clean and simple matte black design matte. It is the perfect way to show your loyalty to Audi.

6. Porsche Classic Notebook - $49

Porsche Classic Notebook(Photo Credits: Porsche Singapore)

A notebook, though common as a gift idea, can be a really thoughtful present too. This Porsche notebook is a timeless and exquisite gift set. The clean and elegant design works well and matches the brand image of this famous German marque.

7. MINI Pouch – $52.25

Mini Collections Pouch
(Photo Credits: LAZADA)

Our first recommendation over the S$50 mark, these MINI pouches are still worth the money; each has matching colour schemes wrapped in leather upholstery and a stylish round design, ready to be whipped out and impress whoever you're out with.

8. Aston Martin Carbon Pen and Pencil Set - $79.97

Aston Martin Carbon Pen Pencil Set
(Photo Credits: Aston Martin)

Now you might not be able to give Dad a real Aston Martin (props if you can), but thankfully, there is something more affordable.

Both the pen and pencil have taken design cues from the road cars, with each sporting an impressive appearance of carbon fibre and shiny chrome-plated metal pieces. The materials ensure an excellent grip on the pen and pencil, allowing the most pleasant of writing experiences.

9. Max Verstappen Orange Tee - $80

Max Verstappen Orange Tee Front
(Photo Credits: 1st Formula Wear)

With Max Verstappen ending the 2020 F1 season on a high with a win at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, there is no better time to pick up a tee in support.

The t-shirt features the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing logo, while the front and back get Max's name and car number. On top of that, the front gets Max's signature, which adds a personal touch for his fans!

10. 1:43 911 Carrera S Cabriolet in Night Blue Metallic (992) - $99

911 Carrera S Porsche
(Photo Credits: Porsche Singapore)

Last but certainly not least, at just a smidge under $100, you are getting an extremely collectable model! Each comes in a one-off exterior and interior colour combination, capturing the remarkable charm of the Porsche nameplate and brand.

Diecast collectors will be impressed with how much attention to detail that Porsche has put into this scale model.

We hope this list of Christmas gift recommendations is useful for you! Do share with our Motorist Community, if you have found any other attractive gifts! Happy shopping this festive season!

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