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Cars are engineering marvels, full of many individual parts that work together to make it run for years on end. That’s why servicing your car is essential to ensure all those bits work in harmony, which in turn makes it more reliable on the road.

And when you have a premium car like a BMW, you would want it to run well and last as long as possible.

While cars are generally pretty reliable from the factory, with some tender loving care, you can make your time with your 4-wheeled baby as fuss-free as possible. So here are our top 5 tips to making sure your BMW is well maintained.

1. Warm Up Your Engine

If your car's engine is cold, a good practice is to let the car sit for around 5 minutes before driving of. This ensures that all the oils and lubricants get up to temperature slowly.

Allowing it to gradually warm-up will also help your engine parts to expand slowly, as rapid temperature changes might cause undue wear on them.

When everything is nicely warmed, the engine is able to do its job without additional stress.

If you’re in a rush, try to keep under 3000-3500 rpm until the temperature gauge is stable.

2. Regular Oil Changes

A standard requirement is to change your oil every 10,000km when under normal driving use. You can also check your car’s owners’ manual for the recommended oil change intervals.

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Keeping the oil fresh is essential as impurities from prolonged use may clog up your engine’s internals and make it run inefficiently.

Over time, this may lead to more severe engine troubles too. If you’re taking your car to the track, or driving it regularly, more frequent oil changes are recommended to keep engine performance optimal.

If you’re not too sure about how often you should change your oil, or you’re just looking for a reliable workshop to leave your car with, you can check out BIS Automobiles. They are an authorised service centre for all BMW models, including BMW M models.

3. Check Your Brake Pads

Did you know brakes are pretty important on a car! Considering how they are effectively one-and-a-half tons of pure metal, being able to bring your car to a stop is crucial to the safety of yourself and others.

Brakes work by clamping two brake pads made of friction material onto your car’s brake discs, which means that brake pads are a consumable item, as the material will wear down over use.

As your brake pads wear down, they become less effective and the travel in your brake pedal gets longer and longer. Your brakes also become more prone to overheating. And with continental cars usually being on the heavier side, that also means more weight and more mass for the brakes to stop.

Therefore, checking your brake pads regularly and changing them when they get worn down is paramount in maintaining the safety and driving performance of your car.

Although your brakes are usually checked during routine servicing, which incidentally can also be done at BIS Automobiles, it’s still a good practice to check them regularly to make sure everything is a-okay in between services.

4. Make Sure Your Tyres are Properly Inflated

As the only part of your car directly in contact with the road, your tyres hugely impact how your car drives. Hence, keeping the right tyre pressure is important to ensure your car runs as efficiently and optimally as possible.

Tyre pressure that is too low will result in increased rolling resistance, which means poorer fuel consumption due to the increased drag.

Conversely, tyre pressure that is too high will result in a ‘floaty’ feeling as you drive. You can check your optimal tyre pressures in your owners’ manual or on a little sticker on the driver’s door pillar.

5. Regular Servicing and Vehicle Checks

Sending your vehicle for regular servicing is important to maintaining your car’s level of reliability. The workshop, such as BIS Automobiles (a one-stop shop for all your BMW servicing needs), will help you ensure that your vehicle is always in tip-top shape.

They’re also able to service brand new BMWs, including any replacement parts that are still under warranty.

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They’ll inspect all the serviceable parts on your car to make sure they’re in good condition, change your engine oil, and check all the necessary fluids.

Regularly servicing your car at a reputable workshop means a headache-free experience as they are experts in what they do.

As the owner of your car, you too can make a difference by ensuring everything is working smoothly. Checking for puddles under your car may warn you of an impending problem such as an oil or coolant leak.

Checking your engine oil level with the dipstick (or through a function in your car’s infotainment system if you’re fancy) is also vital to make sure your engine isn’t running low on oil. By putting in a little bit of effort, you can keep yourself ahead of any potential issues.

While written for BMWs, these tips apply to all cars and will help you keep your car ownership experience as painless as possible.

BIS Automobiles, formerly known as Munich Automobiles, are an authorised BMW service centre that repairs and services all BMW models, while specialising in their M and M Performance range.

They also provide warranty claim services for all BMW and BMW M models with a guaranteed service appointment booking within 3 days.

So if you’ve got a BMW, head on down to BIS Automobiles for all your servicing and warranty needs.

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