15 Things You should Never Say or Do when Hitching a Ride

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Motorist Hitch Ride
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After a long day at work or shopping, it's great to have a family member or friend give you a lift home.

You get to sit down and travel in comfort, but there are a few things you should take note of to avoid this ride being your last!

1. Hitching a Ride in the Opposite Direction

Opp Direction

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This one might just be the bane of every kind-hearted soul that offers a lift, long or short. Imagine having to drive the opposite way to where you're going, drop your passenger off and return where you started again for free. For the driver, that's taking one step forward and two steps back, you know, without the step forward.

2. Raiding the Car

Screen Shot 2016 03 22 At 4

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The car is like a second home to many. Letters, personal documents and some things that should not see the light of day are stashed in compartments just for the driver to know and not for you to find out. Keep itchy fingers out of the compartments. You'd be happier not knowing some secrets.

3. Backseat-Driving

Backseat Driver

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Giving directions? That's fine and dandy. Trying to control the whole vehicle from the backseat? Not so much. We all know that one person that excessively comments on everything like a tutor. Technique, route choices and everything else comes under scrutiny when you are behind the wheel. Not recommended if you're looking for a ride back!

4. Sitting at the Back When You're the Only Passenger

Sole Passenger

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The main difference between chauffeur services and carpooling is that chauffeuring costs you money, not done out of goodwill. Sitting at the back can make the driver feel a little less like a friend and more of a personal driver. Of course, car-sickness aside, try to sit at the front!

5. Being Late for Pickup

Late For Pickup

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This one is a given. It may just be 5 minutes, but it's 5 whole minutes of trouble for a driver. Having to circle around the same road because of all those pesky cameras and traffic enforcement officers out to fine you for waiting can really be a hassle. The next time you're late, remember, cabs charge 22 cents per 45 seconds of waiting. Treat your buddy to a nice drink!

6. Messing with the Console Settings

Dont Touch The Console

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Every driver has their sweet spot settings, and every driver has their main driving jam. It's a funny thing, but it's an unspoken rule that the panel only for the driver and trusted ones. Make sure you're on the VIP list first, or you might just irk one very defensive driver.

7. Eating and Drinking

Eat In Car

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Most drivers can relate to this one, especially the super clean ones. It's a tricky topic, and it really depends on who's the driver. Some may be totally fine with eating in the car that they already have a cockroach den in the boot, but some cringe at the thought of a single molecule of food dropped. That being said, always ask first and avoid crumbly food!

8. Comment on the Driver's Driving Skills and Speed

Comment On Driver

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It takes months to get a driver's licence- lengthy theory classes and difficult practical classes and exams. Your driver is definitely fit for the task! They'll learn a thing or two eventually!

9. Resting Your Arm on the Middle Arm Rest

Screen Shot 2016 03 22 At 4

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Do not touch the sacred middle arm rest! Like the name suggests, the armrest is for the driver's arm to rest. Especially for long drives and for manual cars, the middle arm rest is more functional than you think.

10. Buckle Up


(Photo Credit: SATS of Edmonton)

Safety is the number one priority. Also, that 'ding ding ding' warning noise can be very, very, distracting. Kill two birds with one stone, buckle up!

11. Vomiting


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Vomit is inconvenient. It stains, it smells, and it seeps into little holes and absorbent materials, making sure that you never actually clean all of it up. It might be hard to keep in all that post-drinking sludge, but keep in mind that for the driver, it's even harder to get it out! Bring a plastic bag or clear it first if you feel the puke is on its way.

12. Leaving handprints

Window Prints

(Photo Credit: The Window Cleaner)

Car windows are like spectacles to drivers. A spot and a smudge here and there can be really distracting, and even frustrating for the ones with OCD. You don't need to whip out a bottle of Mr Muscle spray, but try to keep those oil prints away by refraining from touching the windows!

13. Adjusting Seats

Reclining Chair

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It's common to hear that "everything must be done in moderation", and it's especially true when it comes to adjusting seats. A bit here and there is fine, but don't recline it like a massage chair. Likewise, sitting so upright that it hurts can sometimes obstruct the driver's view.

14. Sleeping

Screen Shot 2016 03 22 At 4

(Photo Credit: Stocksy)

Contrary to popular belief, a nap does not keep the doctor away. It just might keep your friends a little annoyed, though. Especially on long rides, don't nap away. The driver is just as, if not more tired than you, so keep each other entertained and awake! As for those doctors, leave it to the apples.

15. Secret Fart


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This one really depends on the driver's sense of humor. If they can have a good laugh, then let one rip loud and proud. If not, try to keep it in throughout! At least wind down the window when you're done. You can let them know you had milk and eggs in the morning another way.

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