New On-Board Units for Next-Generation ERP System to be Installed for Free from Mid-2021

Published by on . Updated on 10 Nov 2021

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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced that the installation of on-board units (OBU) for the next-generation (nexgen) ERP System will begin in the second half of 2021.

The LTA announced today that the installation exercise of OBUs for the nexgen ERP system will begin in the second half of next year and will stretch over 18 months.

The OBU will replace the existing in-vehicle unit (IU) and will provide information on ERP charging locations and rates. The OBU will also provide additional information such as real-time traffic updates, and locations of nearby School or Silver Zones.

As the OBU is necessary to work with the nexgen ERP system, it will be mandatory for Singapore-registered vehicles to have the new OBU installed by the end of the installation exercise. Existing owners will receive their first OBU free.

The new OBU will have two designs, a single-piece unit for motorycles, and a three-piece unit comprising an antenna, processing unit, and touchscreen display for cars.

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The OBU is designed to be compatible with existing systems, including ERP charges and parking. Drivers can continue to use their CEPAS, NETS Flashpay, EZ-Link, credit, or debit cards to make payment.

The LTA confirmed that there will be no change to the existing cordon-based and point-based congestion pricing framework when the switch is made to the nexgen ERP system in mid-2023. In addition, ERP rates will continue to be reviewed based on traffic speeds and congestion levels. ERP gantries will be smaller and slimmer but will continue to be clearly indicated.

The new OBU will leverage the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) which will let us do away with the current bulky gantries while also allowing for value-added services such as real-time traffic information.

LTA has stated that although data will have to be collected by nature of the device, LTA will only use anonymised or aggregated data for traffic management and transport planning purposes. Vehicle specific data will only be used for payment, charges and enforcement, such as against non-payment of ERP charges.

Summons related to such non-payments will largely be auto-generated, like today. To prevent unauthorised access and improper use of the data, there will be robust security and strict safeguards in place, including penalties under the Public Service (Governance) Act.

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