Legal car mods you need to know

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At's first ever meet and greet session, we saw amazing decked out cars with stunning headlights and beautiful paint jobs. While some people take their passion to a new level, we show you how you can legally mod your cars to turn heads while you're driving.

1. Spoilers


Besides looking mighty cool on the road, spoilers reduces the drag of your car while increasing fuel efficiency. It's easy to see why drivers install spoilers for the aesthetics - but be sure that the spoiler flushes with the car margins and not protrude out, obstructing the driver's view.

2. Headlights

Mercedes 841465

Installing fog lights in cars have caught up with the motoring community. These fog lights helps drivers see in low lighting conditions and can be remained switched on throughout the day. Conditions for installing fog lights; it should only be white or yellow - purple, pink or any other colours will certainly grab attention from the LTA. It should also have a separate switch installed in the car.

3. Dashboard

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Goes without saying that any mount you want to use in your car should never obstruct and interfere the driver's view. This means, that your phones should not be in use while you're moving - fiddling about on your phone, even when it's mounted counts as text driving. It's good to note that any electrical accessories and gadgets should not exceed your car's electrical load.

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4. Tinted windows

Bmw Gradient

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Unfortunately, LTA would like to see you rollin' dirty - should you decide to tint your windows, the front windows should allow 70% of light through, while the rear should allow at least 25%. Keep in mind that the front windscreen tint should not interfere with the IU transactions on ERPs.

5. Exhaust

Bmw 918407

This one's a bit tricky, any modification to the exhaust system would require the LTA's approval. Drivers need to submit the certification on the exhaust from the product manufacturer to make sure that the item is suitable for the vehicle, and it has to be tested by LTA's recognised test laboratories to show that the exhaust complies with noise and exhaust emission standards. Really not worth the $1000 fine if you ask us.

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