6 Ways to Make Money with Your Vehicle in Singapore

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Owning a car in Singapore, for the most part, is a luxurious liability. It stacks up cost after cost just by existing, and at the end of 10 years you say goodbye, a little heartbroken-- but relieved. It's a little Shakespearean, and the best thing you can do is to treasure the times and make the best out of this love-hate relationship. The best, of course, is making money.

Instead of working for your car, here's how you can make your car work for you!

1. Advertise with Adogo

Screen Shot 2016 08 03 At 3(Photo Credit: Adogo)

Want to earn up to $300 a month for doing absolutely nothing except have ads on your car? Meet Adogo! Renting out your car's rear bumper space can fetch $50 a month, while having space on your bumper and side doors can earn you $150 a month!

All you need to do is answer a few questions on a survey, match up with an advertiser, and park somewhere that's convenient to put up the ads. You don't even need to be present while they put it up!

Then… go on living like you do, just a little richer.

Start advertising here!

2. Drive Grabcar/Uber

Uber Grabcar(Photo Credit: Fergustan)

Well, if you've got some spare time on your hands and a car you're sitting on, this is a pretty good way to earn some cash! In fact, many drivers look at it as a way to earn back some petrol money. It's like driving a cab, but with your own car, or a car you're loaning. The hours you work are at as and when you please, but of course, unlike cabs, you can't pick up passengers on the streets. Some even claim to earn upwards of $7000!

The process is a little lengthy, but the returns make it worth it! You can check out the whole process here for GrabCar, and here for Uber!

3. Carpool with Uber Pool, Ryde, and GrabHitch

Ryde(Photo Credit: Ryde)

If that kind of dedication isn't your things and you want to make some extra money while on the move, then maybe carpooling is more of your thing. This allows you to find people that are in your area that want to go somewhere in the same vicinity as your destination! You pick them up, drop them off, and get paid! It's as simple as that.

This way, you save costs on your fuel, meet new people and earn money all at the same time! For passengers, a trip could be 25% cheaper than a typical UberX ride.

If you're interested, check out Uber Pool, GrabHitch and Ryde!

4. Deliver with Gogovan and Lalamove

Gogovan(Photo Credit: The Neo Dimension)

If you've got a van just idling around, put it to good use! Gogovan and Lalamove works something like Uber and Grab, except it connects you to people that need things delivered. You can choose your type of job which ranges from delivering small goods, to transporting large and bulky items, to moving jobs! They pay pretty well too.

Check Gogovan out here, and Lalamove here!

5. Deliver Food with Foodpanda and UberEATS

If you want to take up a more solid and stable job, go for Foodpanda! They offer full shifts from 11am-10pm, Lunch shifts from 11am-3pm and Dinner shift from 5/6pm-9/10pm! The pay itself is pretty attractive!

Screen Shot 2016 08 04 At 5(Photo Credit: Foodpanda)

Check it out here!

If flexibility is more your thing, UberEATS lets you connect people to the food they love while you make good money! All you need is a car or a motorcycle, and you're good to go. You can drive whenever you please, and choose the deliveries you want to make. Although the flat $3 delivery charge isn't substantial, UberEATS promises that deliveries are made within 35 minutes. If you can fit multiple deliveries in an hour, the payout is alright!

Check it out here!

6. Rent out your car with iCarsClub

Icars(Photo Credit: Business Times)

With iCarsClub, you don't have to be in the car to make money. Heck, the point of it is making money while you're not using the car! Your car is just dead weight when you're overseas, at work or sleeping, so why not rent it out to people and make money at the same time?

iCarsClub lets to rent out your car whenever and to whoever you want. You can choose rental durations without it hassling your schedule with their keyless entry system so you don't have to exchange keys in person!

Best of all, you set the prices.


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Great article! If you have a car you also can work as an auto courier.

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