Motorist super app now includes ERP 2.0 functionality to turn your smartphone into the preferred alternative display for the OBU

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SINGAPORE [11 April 2024] – Motorist, a leader in automotive technology solutions, is pleased to announce that it has upgraded its Motorist super app to support Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) 2.0 and provide drivers with an alternative display which is compatible with the On-Board Unit (OBU).

The Motorist technical team focused on three key aspects when developing the new ERP 2.0 function for the Motorist app - integration, visibility, accessibility.

In terms of integration, the newly-added ERP 2.0 functionality lets users manage their car’s Electronic Road Pricing payments and pertinent information within the app, alongside its other helpful drive-related features such as Co-Driver. This seamless digital integration results in even greater motoring convenience when on the road.

The Motorist app’s new ERP 2.0 function also aids visibility from behind the wheel and thus improves road safety, because it allows your smartphone to be the handy alternative display for the OBU. 

Opting out of the OBU touchscreen installation means less clutter on the dashboard and no additional blockage of the driver’s view through the windscreen. 

Choosing not to install the standard touchscreen in your car also simplifies the installation of the OBU’s processor unit and antenna box. The Motorist app on the smartphone pairs with the OBU via Bluetooth - wirelessly and effortlessly. 

Effortless, too, is the user interface for ERP 2.0 built into the driver-friendly Motorist app, making it even more useful to smart drivers. 

Approved by Land Transport Authority (LTA) as a mobile application compatible with Singapore’s next-generation Electronic Road Pricing system, the Motorist app satisfies the official requirements governing the user experience, connectivity, reliability and data security for the purpose of ERP 2.0.

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