7 Things NOT to Do After a Car Accident

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Our previous article covered the Dos after a car accident, this article covers the Don’ts. Here are 7 things you should avoid.

After recovering from the initial shock, it is important to collect oneself and take note of the following actions to avoid as they can further aggravate the negative consequences of the accident.

1. Leave the Scene

Leaving the scene of an accident is considered “hit-and-run”. Under the Singapore legal system, it is a punishable offence with a penalty of a maximum fine of $3,000 or 12 months in jail for first-time offenders. This act of irresponsibility will also further complicate matters and affect your insurance claims. Thus, it is highly advisable for you to stop the car at a safe spot immediately upon collision and alight.

2. Lack Proper Documentation

It is vital to focus on taking down first-hand information to facilitate your insurance and injury compensation claim process. This includes the personal particulars and vehicle details of involved parties and eyewitnesses, as well as photographing the damages and injuries incurred through the accident. For a detailed checklist of key information to document, refer to the third and fourth sections of 7 Things to do after a Car Accident.

3. Discuss Liability

At the scene of accident, it is imperative not to discuss liability with the other party. Simply state facts without asserting any personal opinions. To be safe, do not use apologetic words which may imply that you are assuming fault as you may set yourself up to take legal responsibility. It is not mandatory to pinpoint liability at the scene of accident, hence it is best to maintain neutrality and leave it to the police, insurance companies and legal advisors when it comes to the issue of liability contention.

4. Accept a Private Settlement

Be on your guard if the other party refuses to notify the police. If he acknowledges that he is at fault and initiates a gentlemen’s agreement to compensate your loss in private, it is important to take into account the true cost of a private settlement. Most insurance policies contain a condition that specifies the driver must notify the insurer on any accident resulting in damage to person or vehicle. Failure to do so may be deemed as a policy violation and your entire insurance coverage may be voided as a result.

5. Forgo Medical Treatment

Medical attention is an area many may brush off if the injuries sustained seem to be minor. However, it is important to seek medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment immediately after the accident. One can never be certain whether the impact of the accident may have caused internal spinal injuries or closed head injury. While internal injuries may not be apparent to the naked eye, they may potentially lead to life-threatening conditions if not promptly recognised and treated.

6. Delay Contacting your Insurance Company

All accidents should be reported to your insurance company within 24 hours or by the next working day. Failure to make a timely report will result in your insurer having the right to reject your claim or claim any third-party claims from you. You may also lose your No Claim Discount when renewing your policy. In the worst case scenario, your insurer may cut you off completely and decline to further renew your policy.

7. Engage Unauthorised Accident Reporting Centres and Repair Workshops

Upon being notified of the accident, most insurance companies will refer you to their appointed reporting centres and repair workshops. Avoid going to unauthorised providers as different providers have their respective work procedures - doing so may complicate your claim. Furthermore, unauthorised providers may leverage on the knowledge that you are keeping things under wraps to avoid the potential increase in insurance premium and thus quote a higher price.

ETHOZ is the authorised reporting center for the following insurance companies:

  • AIG Asia Pacific Insurance
  • AXA Insurance
  • DirectAsia.com
  • Tenet Sompo Insurance
  • FWD Singapore

For any enquiries on Accident Reporting, feel free to visit the link or call our 24/7 emergency hotline at 6654 7777.

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