7 Things to Do After a Car Accident

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Motorist Ethoz 7 Things To Do After A Car Accident
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Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatising experience. An accident happens within split seconds, and the impact of the collision may leave you physically, mentally and emotionally disoriented.

At times where clarity is an issue, it is best to have a reliable reference. This guide takes you through 7 basic steps to cover all the necessary bases.

1. Ensure Safety

Safety is the top priority. Firstly, assess the accident scene - if it is unsafe, promptly evacuate from the scene to remove yourself from harm’s way. Only if your safety is not compromised, turn off your engine and switch on your vehicle hazard lights and/or set up emergency triangle reflectors at least 50m away from the vehicle’s boot to warn oncoming drivers and divert traffic.

2. Call the Ambulance and Police

If there are major injuries, call an ambulance immediately and perform first aid if possible. Even in the case of a minor accident, you must notify the police. The police will be the best personnel to gather critical information about the car accident including statements from eyewitnesses, road conditions and other details you may have missed. Having a police report will serve as an official record documenting the details of the accident. It is usually required by your insurance provider in order to file a claim and further plays the role of critical evidence in subsequent lawsuits.

3. Exchange Information

Sufficient information collected will help to make your insurance and injury compensation claim process a much smoother one. Here is a list of essential information we recommend to be exchanged with involved parties:

  • Personal Particulars of the other driver(s)
    o Name of Driver
    o Contact number of Driver
    o Address of Driver
  • Insurance Information of the other driver(s) found on proof of insurance card
    o Insurance company name
    o Insurance company policy number
  • Information of the other vehicle(s) involved
    o License plate number
    o Vehicle Description, Make, Model and Year
    o Vehicle registration information
4. Document Evidence
Make sure to gather as much evidence as possible at the scene of accident. This will set the foundation for the following steps. A list of key information to be collected:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Direction you were travelling in
  • Direction the other car(s) was travelling in
  • Photographs of the accident scene – the entirety of the scene as well as close-ups
  • Sketch a diagram of the accident scene
  • Name and contact number of eyewitnessess
  • Name and badge number of police personnel who responded at the scene
  • Other relevant details (E.g. driving conditions, weather, visibility, etc.)
5. Seek Medical Treatment

See a medical professional at the earliest possible timing after the accident. It is imperative to seek medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment to sieve out underlying issues such as internal bleeding or injuries which may only surface in the long run. Not only is it vital for your well-being, it also serves as an official documentation to aid you in your insurance claim process should there be any medical repercussions in the future.

6. Contact your Insurance Company

Your insurance company needs to know when an accident has occurred. All accidents should be reported within 24 hours or by next working day. This is to ensure the validity of your insurance coverage. Not reporting to your insurance company in a timely manner grants them the right to reject your claim or claim any third-party claims from you. Other things at stake include your No Claim Discount when renewing your policy and may even lead to your insurer’s declination to renew your policy

7. Report your Accident

Most insurance companies have their appointed reporting centres. When you contact your insurer, they will advise you on the steps to take and which reporting centre you can get in touch with.

ETHOZ is the authorised reporting center for the following insurance companies:

  • AIG Asia Pacific Insurance
  • AXA Insurance
  • DirectAsia.com
  • Tenet Sompo Insurance
  • FWD Singapore

At ETHOZ, we understand the stress and frustration that come with accidents. Thus, we place an emphasis on providing a seamless one-stop accident reporting experience for our customers. Our professional Motor Claims team provides assistance throughout the whole journey – from making the accident report to your insurance company, arranging for the necessary repairs, to resolving insurance claims on your behalf.

For any enquiries on Accident Reporting, feel free to visit the link or call our 24/7 emergency hotline at 6654 7777.

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